Site Working Conditions and Client Wellness

General Condition and Working Conditions

Pets on Premises ?

Description and access actions required

Entry / Exits are free from debris?

Maintenance required to rectify

Working areas (Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, etc) are not extremely slippery?

Maintenance required to rectify

Entry and potential work areas are free from clutter?

Maintenance required to rectify

Sloping Driveways

Approx. Grade and Length

Safe car park available in close proximity?

Approx. distance from main entrance

Access is available and safe to clothes line?

Maintenance required to gain safe access

Windows open and close properly?

Maintenance required to rectify

Waste bins appear to be emptied regularly?

Issues and corrective actions discussed with client

Working area and equipment
Stove type?
Type of flooring?
Domestic assistance equipment that is in good working order?

Bed has height adjustment if required?

Is there sufficient space around the bed?

Are sharps used?

Are sharps disposal containers on site?

Are firearms located on the premises?

Are firearms locked away?

Does the client note any access issues during future or past natural events?


Client Wellness

Is there any evidence that the client may be at risk from sexual harassment?

Are there any risks apparent from co-tenants, neighbours or others?

Are there any evidence of challenging behaviours from co-tenants, neighbours, or others?

Is there evidence of hording behaviours?

Facility controls

RCD's are installed and tested?

Resolution required

Emergency keys supplied?


Location of water shut off?

Location of gas shut off?

Location of solar main switch?

Maintenance Safety Inspection

Falls Prevention

Are there cords running across floors and doorways?

Corrective action taken?

Mould on pathways?

Corrective action taken?

Uneven or overgrown pathways?

Corrective action taken?

Loose step treads?

Corrective action taken?

Adequate and secure handrails?

Corrective action taken?

Internal grab rails are secure and located in the correct areas?

Corrective action taken?

Adequate lighting internal and external?

Corrective action taken?

Would client benefit from Occupational Therapist assessment?

Any uneven or stepped floor levels that could represent difficulty?

Corrective action taken?

Fire Safety

Adequate smoke alarms installed?

Corrective action taken?

Smoke alarms are clean and serviceable?

Corrective action taken?

Fire blankets are in place?

Corrective action taken?

Fire extinguisher is installed?

Corrective action taken?

Electrical Safety

Are power points overloaded?

Corrective action taken?

Are power points and light switches in good working order?

Corrective action taken?

Is a safety switch installed?

Corrective action taken?

Home Maintenance

Taps leaking or hard to turn?

Corrective action taken?

Light bulbs need replacing?

Corrective action taken?

Rubbish removal required?

Corrective action taken?

Shrubs need trimming / Yard maintenance?

Corrective action taken?

Other suggested maintenance items?

Corrective action taken?

Any urgent safety items that may pose risks to clients?

Action Required?

Security Assessment

Timber Doors



To Guarage

Glass Doors






Sensor Lights



Left Side

Right Side

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.