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  • Has each duress alarm been tested that day?

  • When was the last date the alarm has been tested?

  • Are staff aware of documented procedure in testing alarms?

  • Is there a written record that all alarms are working properly?

  • Are duress alarms integrated with other security systems such as video footage?

  • Does the duress alarm automatically alert security personnell?

  • Have employees been trained on how to use duress alarms correctly?

  • Is there a formal record that training has occurred?

  • Is there routine maintenance on the duress alarm system?


  • Is there a camera footage live access to each interview room and high risk area that can be seen by staff?

  • Do all staff know who the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd responder is supposed to be?

  • Do all staff know what tasks each responder are supposed to fulfill?


  • Do staff find it easy to locate where the alarm is coming from?

  • Have staff been trained on how to identify relevent code?

  • Do staff know when to call police?

  • Is there a first aid officer on-site at all times?

  • Is there a fire warden on site at all times?

  • Are staff aware of emergency evacuation routes?

  • Do staff know when they should prevent clients entering the building?


  • Is there a staff member directly responsible for using the paging system on-site during all working hours?

  • Is staff member confident in using that paging system?

  • Does the internal paging system alert staff in a timely manner?

  • How long (in minutes) did the notification take to be sent to staff after page was sent

  • Is there a clear process for updating employees and clients on incident?


  • Is there a structured process that staff are aware of for conducting post-incident reviews following each emergency?

  • Are action items captured after reviews to improve and update emergency response?

  • Is there a standardized documentation process for recording details of the emergency response?

  • Do staff know how to easily access incident report forms?

  • Are employees involved in providing feedback of the effectiveness of the emergency response?

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