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Assessing the centre

  • Where do staff park?

  • Picture of parking area

  • What needs to be unlocked upon arrival at the centre?

  • What are each of your keys used for?

  • Photos of keys

  • What needs to be locked up at the end of the day?

  • Pictures (door, gates, bathrooms etc)

Set-up and Pack down

  • Who normally sets up? (staff, number of staff etc)

  • Is your set-up and pack down different throughout the week?

  • Monday set up

  • Monday pack down

  • Tuesday set up

  • Tuesday pack down

  • Wednesday set up

  • Wednesday pack down

  • Thursday set up

  • Thursday pack down

  • Friday set up

  • Friday pack down

  • Normal set up

  • Normal pack down

CM bag

  • What is in your CM bag?

  • undefined


  • Where are your cleaning products and equipment stored?

  • Where do you dispose of rubbish?

  • What cleaning do you do at your centre?

  • Does your centre have cleaners?

  • Do you have a cleaning checklist?

Pick-up procedure

Pick-up options

  • How do your children arrive to your centre?

  • Which buses are allocated to your centre?

  • Which school/ schools does each bus go to?

  • School pick up
  • Name of school

  • Where does the bus park?

  • Does the driver get out?

  • Does the driver drop off staff and where?

At the centre

  • Where do buses drop off the children?

  • Who receives the children? (the driver walks them in, another staff member)

  • Where do children go first when they arrive? and who is responsible for supervising them?

  • How many bus loads of children arrive at your centre each afternoon?

  • Where do staff meet the children?

  • What time should we leave the centre to get to the school?

  • What route or pathway do we use?

  • Are there any risks we need to be aware of? i.e. crossing the road, lights or zebra crossings

  • How are staff positioned during the walk?

  • Additional notes for the walk

  • What is the procedure for receiving children?

  • Where are staffed positioned?

  • What is the procedure if children do not turn up?

Children changing

  • When do children change into their Inspire uniform?

  • Where do children get changed? (boys and girls)

  • Once children are changed what do they do?

Afternoon tea

  • What is the procedure for hand washing before afternoon tea?

  • Where do children have afternoon tea?

  • What are the boundaries during afternoon tea?

  • Where should staff be supervising during afternoon tea?

  • What do children do as they finish eating?

  • What are staff doing during afternoon tea?

  • Additional notes for afternoon tea


  • Where are the toilets located in your centre?

  • What is the procedure for when a child needs to use the bathroom? Is there a different procedure depending on whether the children are inside or outside?

  • undefined

Outdoor play

  • Is there an outdoor space at your centre?

  • What are the boundaries for this space?

  • What activities are done in this space?

  • Where are staff positioned when outside?

  • If there is a hazard outside, how are your staff communicating? Staff complete a daily hazard checklist before children are taken outside.


  • What happens after, afternoon tea?

  • How are the children grouped? how many groups?

  • Where does each activity take place?

  • How many staff in each area?

  • What is the procedure for transitions?

Park Excursions

  • Does your centre do any park excursions?

  • Are children taken to the park straight after school?

  • Do the children wear vests or Inspire uniform?

  • What is the procedure as children arrive at the park?

  • What are the boundaries of the park?

  • Where are staff positioned?

  • What is the procedure for returning to the centre?

  • What time do you return to the centre by?

  • Is a daily hazard done for the park and when is it performed?

Health and Safety

  • Where is your evacuation meeting point?

  • Where is your lockdown safety zone?

  • Where is your first aid kit, epipen and emergency evacuation bag kept ?

  • If there is an issue at the venue who do you report to? (besides HQ)

  • Any other contacts that we should be aware of?

Staff information

  • Where can staff park their car?

  • Where do staff meet at the beginning of their shift?

  • Are there staff bathrooms? if so where?

  • Where can staff leave their belongings during their shift?

Additional information

  • Any additional information

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