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  • FROM: Rig Name and Number

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Centrifuge Model / Asset # Provide Photos

  • inspect Coffin lid, chambers and below bowl. Provide Photo

  • Inspect Coffin latches. Provide Potos

  • Remove all guards and inspect belts. Provide photos

  • Inspect Main drive and Back drive motor bolts, are they secure and tight.

  • Roll bowl by hand. Does bowl move freely?

  • Remove feed tube, inspect feed tube. Provide photos

  • Inspect bowl for any uneven wear or damages. Provide Photos

  • Check Plows/ wear inserts in good operating conditions. Provide photos

  • Record Pond Setting


  • Grease outer bearings 10 shots. provide photos

  • Purge Inner bearings until clean grease comes out of purge hole. Provide photos

  • Is gearbox @ 10 or 2? if below 10 or 2 fill to proper level. Provide photos

  • Is Fluid clutch oil @ 10 or 2 (if Equipped) Provide photos


  • Inspect all wires for cuts and wear. Provide Photos

  • Inspect wire grommets on panel and motors. Provide Photos

  • Inspect start/Stop and rest buttons. Provide Photos

  • Inspect Vibration switch. Provide Photos

  • Inspect Power cord. Provide Photos

  • Inspect all plugs. Provide Potos

Test Run

  • Check Vibration

  • 60min runtime. Provide Reading

  • 120min runtime. Provide Reading

  • 180min runtime. Provide Reading


  • Paint Needed

  • Provide Photos

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