SECTION 1 - Pre Survey Check

  • Do you have paperwork for this pit

  • If you answer NO to the above question go to section 2

  • If you answer YES to the above go to section 3

SECTION 2 - Chamber Details

  • Is the pit marked on the drawing

  • If you answer NO to the above question mark the location of the pit on the campus drawing

  • Does the pit have a number

  • If you answer YES to the above question enter the pit number in the location details

  • Take and enter the GPS co-ordinates in the title details

SECTION 3 - Existing Information

  • Are the GPS co-ordinates correct

  • Are the photos contained within the records correct

  • Is the pit marked on the drawing

  • Is the pit number the same on the drawing as in the pit records

SECTION 4 - Chamber Type and Construction

  • Size of pit

  • Pit construction

  • Where is the pit located

  • Is the pit suitable for the area of location

  • Does the pit have a security tray fitted

  • If YES to the above question,does the tray have a lock fitted

SECTION 5 - Debris / Water

  • Does the pit require cleaning / pumping out if NO move to section 6

  • Have you cleaned / pumped the pit out

  • If the answer is yes to the above take a before and after photo

  • Before cleaning / pumping out

  • After cleaning / pumping out

SECTION 6 - LN550 Compliance

  • Is the pit FULLY compliant to LN550 - if NO move to section 7

SECTION 7 - LN550 Compliance Requirments

  • Does the pit lid comply to LN550

  • If installed in grass, has the frame got a concrete ring

  • Is the pit lid and frame securely fitted

  • If the answer is NO to the above, what is the risk?

  • If required is the central bar fitted

  • Does the pit have rails and bearers

  • Does the pit have steps

  • Does the pit have a sump or soak away

  • Does the pit have a concert floor installed

  • Does the pit have rope anchors

SECTION 7 - Photo Record of Chamber

  • Photo of lid

  • Photo of Internally walls clockwise starting at NORTH

Survey Complete

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