We want to ensure our pubs are at the heart of the community and that our fundraising, charity items and materials in pubs are consistent and presented correctly. This audit will provide you with guidance to ensure standards for charity activity are followed in your pub. The audit should take approx. 5 minutes to complete. Please be as honest as possible to ensure your pub gets the necessary advice.

Customer Area

1. Does the pub have a Community board?

2. Is this in a suitable location? If pub does not have a Community board, select N/A and agree a suitable location and note in your answer.

3. Does the Community board have the latest CLIC Sargent information such as £15 million 'thank you' A4 certificate?

£15 Million certificates are available to download from WIS> Pub Managers Toolkit> CLIC Sargent>£15 million certificates total raised spreadsheet

4. Does your pub utilise CLIC Sargent's colouring in templates?

Templates for Easter, Mothers Day, Christmas and Halloween are available to print off from WIS (See Pub Managers Toolkit> CLIC Sargent Folder).

5. Is the community board neat and tidy?


6. How many collection tins does the pub have visible?

7. Are CLIC Sargent Collection tins placed at every till?

Number of collection tins is dependent to the number of bars and size of your pub. As a guide there should be a collection tin at every till. Collection tins are restriced items. To order more contact CLIC Sargent on, or phone 08451212499

8. Are collection tins secured to the bar with a chain?

9. Do collection tins have security seal applied?

Security seals must be attached every time collection tins are banked. New seals (4 per sheet) can be ordered via POS CLICSEALRING.

10. Are collection tins clean and tidy? Please attach a photograph of your tins - to do this click on the paperclip to the right of the question.

Collection tins are expensive to replace and most of the time can be made presentable by replacing plugs and labels. New white plugs and sticker labels can be ordered via POS using codes CSTINPLUG + CSTINLABEL. Should you require additional tins contact hotline via the email:, or phone 0845 121 2499

11. Do collection tins have CLIC Sargent new brand stickers on them?

Refer to 'what good looks like' document on WIS (pub managers toolbox> CLIC Sargent) to check you have collect labels.

13. Does the pub have a suitable area for children's photos and drawings to be placed?

Please check all photos that go up are suitable and continue to inspect them once they are up.

14. Is CLIC Sargent the only national charity that your pub supports?

CLIC Sargent should be the only national charity that is supported by all J D Wetherspoon Pubs (with the exception of the poppy appeal and the Life Boats in seaside pubs.) Therefore pubs should only be supporting other charities if they are a local charity.

15. Does the pub support any additional charities on a local level?

If you answered yes to the previous question please let us know which other charities you support.


Having a charity champion is a great opportunity to further develop an individuals organisational and event planning skills. Please identify somebody as this is great for succession planning to identify future managers.

16. Does the pub have a Charity Champion?

If your pub does not have a Charity Champion and you would be interested in having one please contact the hotline at or call 0845 121 2499 or contact your charity regional representative.

17. What is the full name of your pub's Charity Champion?

18. Are you aware of who your Area Charity Champion is?

19. What is the full name and pub number of your area Charity Champion?

Area manager to advise if this is not known.

Pub Fundraising and Community Activity

20. Did the pub take part in any CLIC Sargent national events last year? If so please specify e.g. KICK For CLIC Sargent, Darts for CLIC Sargent. If your pub did not participate put "No activities"

21. Has the pub organised any of the following fundraising events in the last year? If yes please specify, you may select as many options as apply.

If you organised any events not included in the last question please note them here.

22. Has the pub taken part in any of the following fundraising activities in the last year? If yes please specify, you may select as many options as apply.

23. Does your pub run a regular quiz?

24. If you do run a regular quiz does it raise money for CLIC Sargent?

25. Is your pub involved with or play host to any activity/community groups such as: CAMRA, Darts, knitting or gaming groups? Please list any examples.


26. Does the pub bank fundraising EVERY week?

It is procedure that all pubs and hotels must bank charity income every week. Please refer to SOP0F0070. This is for safety and cash control purposes.

27. Has all charity money been processed correctly with no charity money left unsecured? Such as jugs of mixed coins left in offices/bonus ball money/raffle money?

28. Is there information on Charity fundraising and events in the staff room or staff notice board? Please attach photo(s) if so.

29. Does the staff notice board have the latest fundraising information for CLIC Sargent.

30. All pubs should have an individual fundraising target. Do you know what your target is and is your team aware?

To help set a target please use the CLIC Sargent target calculator which can be found on WIS (pub managers tool kit>CLIC Sargent)

31. What is your fundraising target for 17/18?

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Any additional comments not mentioned above?

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.