• Ergonomic Assessment For:

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Workstation photos

Employee Information

  • Employee Name:

  • Job Title:

  • Department:

  • Phone number:

  • Supervisor's Name:

  • Gender:

  • Height (inches):

  • Dominate Hand:

  • Corrective Lenses:

  • Average hours spent in the office?

  • What is the longest period of time that work is performed without getting up for 30 seconds?

  • Does the employee perform stretching exercises?

  • Employee Comments:

Task Breakdown (% of employee's work)

  • Field work (%):

  • Face to face client interaction (%):

  • Phone usage (%):

  • Keyboard (%):

  • Mouse (%):

  • Writing/Drawing/Filing (%):

  • Time Away from Workstation (%):

  • Other (%):

  • Concurrent work description that causes % to be > 100:


  • Can the chair height be adjusted so the worker's thighs are parallel to the floor?

  • Can the lumbar support be adjusted so that it fits into the worker's lumbar region on their back?

  • Does the backrest recline have a lockout to support the worker in an upright posture?

  • Can the armrests be adjusted to just below the elbow of the worker?

  • Can the seat pan depth be adjusted to allow three fingers width between the back of the worker's knee and the front of the seat pan?

  • Do the armrests allow the worker to get close enough to the workstation?

  • Actions taken:

  • Comments on Chair:

Keyboard Tray, Keyboard & Pointing Device

  • If the chair needs to be raised to position the worker better with respect to the keyboard and pointing device, is there a foot rest available to keep the worker's thighs parallel to the floor?

  • Is there an articulating keyboard tray installed at the workstation?

  • Is the keyboard tray stable?

  • Is the keyboard tray large enough for both the keyboard and the pointing device?

  • Does the keyboard tray need to be replaced?

  • Does the angle of the keyboard allow the wrists to be straight?

  • Is the employee having symptoms in the hands/wrists/elbows?

  • Does the mouse fit the hand?

  • Is the pointing device located next to the keyboard?

  • Is a wrist rest, or padding, available to protect against hand or forearm contact with sharp or hard edges?

  • Add wrist rest for:

  • Is the employee required to lean against the wrist rest to perform tasks?

  • If a laptop computer is used, are an external keyboard and pointing device provided?

  • Actions taken:

  • Comments on Keyboard Tray, Keyboard, and Pointing Device:

Monitor & Source Document

  • If a laptop computer is used, is an external monitor provided?

  • Is the monitor located in front of the employee?

  • Is the monitor approximately an arm's length away from the worker?

  • Is the monitor set at a height so that the top row of the characters on the screen is even with the seated eye height of the user?

  • Is the font size, screen contrast and/or image quality in print and on the monitor acceptable?

  • If a document holder is used, is the document holder located adjacent to the monitor?

  • Actions taken:

  • Comments on Monitor & Source Document:

Phone & Printer

  • Is the phone located on the same side as the hand that is used to answer it?

  • Handset/Headset:

  • Can the phone be answered without extended reaching?

  • Does the employee talk on the phone without cradling it on their shoulder?

  • Does the employee utilize speaker phone or a headset while participating in conference calls?

  • Does the employee have a printer?

  • Can the printer be accessed without extended reaching?

  • Actions taken:

  • Comments on phone and/or pinter:

Work Surface

  • Is there sufficient space for all equipment and accessories?

  • Are frequently used equipment and supplies within an arm's reach?

  • Is the work surface height adjustable?

  • Actions taken:

  • Comments on Work Surface:


  • Is the CPU in a location that does not interfere with positioning of the the employee at the workstation?

  • Can the employee move about the workspace easily, free from equipment or supplies obstructing movement?

  • Is there adequate leg clearance (height, width, depth)?

  • Is there sufficient storage and filing room to keep the work area free from clutter?

  • Actions taken:

  • Comments on Work Space


  • Is lighting adequate for all tasks?

  • Is the monitor screen free of glare from overhead lighting?

  • Are monitors free from glare from windows?

  • Is the workstation climate acceptable?

  • Actions taken:

  • Comments on Environment

Evaluator Actions

  • Evaluator Actions

Summary of Recommendations

  • Recommendations:

  • Once recommendations have been met, please schedule a follow up assessment to ensure proper equipment set up as well as re-evaluation of symptoms.


  • Employee:

  • Risk Management Representative:

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