New Scrubber?

Time left on Scrubber
1 Assembly Checklist Completed
2 Install Analyzed + Labeled Gas Cylinders
3 Turn On Wrist Display

1. Check O2 cell mV readings in air (8,5-14 mV - replace if needed) 2. Change to Setpoint 0.19 (8x Menu -Left Button)

Cell 1
Cell 2
Cell 3
4. Turn On HUD - Check Battery Status
5. Negative Pressure Test (Hold for 1minute minimum)

1. Open DSV/BOV 2. Inhale from DSV/BOV in CC mode, exhaling through nose until counterlungs are fully collapsed 3. Close DSV/BOV 4. Allow to sit for 1 minute Watch for signs of leak

6. Oxygen System Leak Test (hold for 30 seconds minimum)

1. Slowly open oxygen valve, Pressurize hoses, close valve 2. Watch oxygen pressure gauge for pressure loss 3. Slowly open oxygen valve

7. Positive Pressure Test (hold for 1 minute minimum)

1. Close OPV 2. Fill loop fully with oxygen using manual oxygen addition valve until OPV vents 3. Allow to sit for 1 minute, watch for signs of leak 4. Open DSV/BOV, evacuate loop contents

8. Flush Loop (2 times)

1. Close DSV/BOV 2. Fill loop with oxygenuntil OPV vents 3. Evacuate loop fully 4. Repeat step A & B 5. Open DSV/BOV to equalize pressure to Ambient pressure. Close DSV/BOV

9. Calibrate Wrist Dispaly & HUD

Wrist Display: 1. Menu to calibrate (2x menu - left button) 2. Press Select (right button) twice to calibrate 3. Check mV readings in O2 (40,6-66,9)

Cell 1
Cell 2
Cell 3

HUD: 1. 3 rappid presses (within 1 second) on Heads Up Display piezo power switch

10. Check Solenoid & Wrist Display Battery

1. Setpoint to high ( > 1.1 ) 2. Solenoid fires O2 injection verified 3. Change Setpoint to .19 4. Solenoid and wrist display battery check (Acceptable Ext. >7v / Int. >3,18v) (6x Select - Right button)

Solenoid Ext. V
Wrist Display Int. V
11. Install Cover
12. Diluent System Leak Test (hold for 30 seconds minimum)

1. Slowly open diluent valve, Pressurize hoses, close valve 2. Watch diluent pressure gauge for pressure loss 3. Slowly open oxygen valve

13. Check AVD, BOV if equipped, and BCD

1. Inhale from onboard alternative air source if supplied 2. Open DSV/BOV, inhale from loop untill ADV engages, Dropping loop PO2 3. BCD inflation + deflation mechanism / air holding

14. Pre-Breathe (7 minutes)

1. Change wrist display to low setpoint 2. Block nose and begin breathing from the PRISM2 (in a safe location) 3. Observe setpoint maintenance

15. Weigts, valves open?, Setpoint and loop contents, HUD and Wrist display On?
Tank pressure o2
Tank pressure Diluent
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.