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Inspection - Check 'Yes', 'No' or 'N.A.' (for Not Applicable). For every "NO" answer describe action taken to correct issue in comments below

Monthly Safety Inspection - CHEM-PACK

  • Are work areas/walking aisles clear of clutter & orderly to prevent slip/trip/falls? Examples: liquids, cords, air hoses or clutter on the floor where employees work?

  • Are boxes, wood skids & other materials stored securely to prevent falling over?

  • Are emergency evacuation plans posted for fire and tornado, and are they up-to-date?

  • Are fire extinguishers easily accessible, clear of obstructions, stored properly & in appropriate locations?

  • Are pathways to designated emergency exits clearly identified & free of obstructions?

  • Are electrical circuit breaker boxes, panel, machine disconnect switches, and other significant electrical devices easily accessible & clear of obstructions?

  • Is wiring & electrical cords in good condition, free of splices or tape, and are electrical outlets covered properly? No loose, frayed/exposed, spliced or taped wiring?

  • Are pop/drinks in properly covered containers in production areas?

  • Is the area free of food?

  • Are chemical containers properly labeled with identification & hazard warnings; closed when not in use?

  • Are flammable liquids properly stored, grounded & bonded where applicable?

  • Are ladders in good condition and inspected before use?

  • Is Personal Protective Equipment used & worn properly?

  • Is there adequate ventilation in areas where chemicals are used, applied or dispensed?

  • Is long hair adequately secured about shoulder length?

  • Were any associates observed using electronic devices for non-work purposes?

  • Were all associates complying with the knife safety policy?

  • Can employees correctly answer a question related to recent Safety Talk subject? Ask at least 1 employee a question about topic covered in a recent Safety Talk

  • Are the job Standard Operating Procedures posted, current & include applicable safety requirements?

  • Are proper work techniques being used to minimize ergonomic-related aches/pains, and are materials stored to minimize employees bending, twisting or reaching above shoulder level?

  • Are employees using dollies, hand-carts or other appropriate mechanical aids when moving 5-gallon pails, boxes or other heavy equipment and materials?

  • Are machine pinch points & other areas of potentially dangerous contact with employees adequately guarded and are guards standardized on similar machines within the dept.?

  • Is the department free of any significant safety issues not covered in the questions above; are applicable corrective actions identified from safety incidents in place?

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