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Storage and Labeling

  • Are chemicals safely stored?

  • Do you comply with licensing requirements for the quantities of chemicals (or other dangerous goods) stored at the workplace?

  • Are chemicals clearly labeled?


  • Is there a Hazardous Substance/Chemical Register?

Risk Assessments

  • Have risk assessments been completed and reviewed for all chemicals?

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

  • Are current MSDS available for all chemicals in the workplace?

  • Do workers know about and understand MSDS and have access to them?


  • Are workers trained in storage, use, disposal and emergency procedures relating to chemicals?

First Aid and Emergency Procedures

  • Do you have first aid facilities to deal with splashes or other chemical emergencies?

  • Do you have equipment to deal with accidental release of chemicals?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Is adequate PPE provided?

  • Is PPE maintained in accordance with manufacturers' instructions?

Hazards Identified (Planning for Improvement)

  • Hazard 1

  • Corrective Actions

  • Corrective Actions Completed

  • Hazard 2

  • Corrective Actions

  • Corrective Actions Completed

  • Hazard 3

  • Corrective Actions

  • Corrective Actions Completed

  • Hazard 4

  • Corrective Actions

  • Corrective Actions Completed

  • Hazard 5

  • Corrective Actions

  • Corrective Actions Completed


  • Strategic Safety and Training Consultant

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