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  • Site

  • Induction date

  • Inductee

  • Induction performed by

Safety Induction Checklist

  • Access granted to authorised personnel only.

  • Personal protective equipment to be worn. e.g. shoes, gloves, lab coat, dust mask, hearing protection.

  • No food or drink.

  • Chemicals - Safety Data Sheets.

  • Waste - bins emptied by staff when full.

  • Sharps bins.

  • Clean up work area when finished.

  • Biosecurity areas - pests reported to manager, Chemistry Centre,

  • Isolated workspaces - make sure supervisor knows where you working and expected return time.

  • Safety showers locations.

  • Eye wash station locations.

  • First aid kit locations.

  • Nearest automated external defibrillator (AED).

  • Fire-fighting equipment locations.

  • Only fight a fire if you are safe and comfortable to do so.

  • Alarm tones.

  • Evacuation assembly point.

  • Radiation safety awareness.

  • Grinding equipment - only use if trained, if in doubt do not touch, emergency shut-off.

  • Other equipment - only use if trained, emergency shut-off.

  • Induction Complete. Induction received and acknowledged by inductee. Signed by inductee.

  • Induction Complete: Induction performed and recommend access be granted to site/s. Signed by inductor.

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