Was I restricted from entering the facility until allowed in by staff? (Target is to have ingress limited to authorized personnel only)

Are the appropriate Management officials on duty at his time? (Director, Asst. Director, or Supervisory Lead)

Can the front desk support staff generate a by-classroom roster of children to assist this audit?

Is this by-classroom roster extracted from the CYMS database?

Are sign in/out procedures both used and enforced?

Is the Front Desk clutter-free and accessible for parents?

Does the closed circuit video monitoring system have monitors and controls readily apparent to be viewed by staff?

Is the Army certificate to operate posted in plain sight for customers to see?

Is the Certificate of Accreditation posted and readily visible for customers to see?

Is the Child Abuse Reporting poster readily visible and Police, Child Protective Services, and Family Advocacy Counselor notification numbers for that location posted?



Are Staff/Child ratio counts being done hourly?

Are children with allergies clearly identified in both classroom and kitchen?

Are Management name tags visible?

Are all Staff wearing proper color coded smocks?

Are all "LOSS" Staff clearly identified and being supervised/observed directly?

Are only authorized personnel in the facility?

Are emergency drills and inspections being conducted?

Are all computers clearly monitored and CACs secured?



Is the annual 1st Quarter ICYSI notice sent to staff proponents by the Garrison Commander or Manager?

Has the ICYSI been completed, signed by Garrison Commander or Manager, and posted on the AKO website (typically done by 2nd Quarter)?

Did the CYSS Director and the FMWR Director both review a sampling of the Confidentiality Statements and Training Files for the CDC Staff?l

Have all corrective actions from previous inspection been accomplished?



Is the staff friendly and professional?

Are entryways continually maintained and free of all obstructions or impediments?

Are hand washing procedures posted and are staff adhering to the standards with liquid soap and water?

Are Outdoor Play Areas viewed from the Activity Rooms they actively serve?

Are halls and floors clean and clear of debris or dirt/dust?

Is the facility free of signs of structural damage?

Is recycling and waste being managed and picked up in a timely manner and segregated from access by the children?

Are dumpsters placed and access limited consistent with guidance and being emptied in a timely manner?

Are ceiling tiles intact, un-damaged, and in place?

Is signage identifying service areas done in professional quality or style?

Are all restrooms clean and well maintained (sinks, toilets, floor, paper products, hand dryers, doors)?

Are all emergency exit doors clearly marked and in working order?



Are devices or alarms which were installed to restrict the improper use of an exit installed and functioning so that they cannot impede emergency use of such exit?

Are all emergency exit doors clearly marked and functioning properly?

(Print off CYMS attendance sheets by-room) are the same children physically in the room as signed in for each respective room sign-in sheet and is matched in CYMS report?

Are emergency exit lights in working order?

Are doors arranged to be readily opened from the egress side whenever the building is occupied?

Where exits are not readily visible, are the routes to the exits marked by readily visible signs?

Are means of egress continually maintained free of all obstructions or impediments?

Are emergency evacuation procedures posted in conspicuous places?

Have staff been adequately trained in these evacuation procedures and documented in their training files?

Are all interior closet lights found in the "on" position and properly working?

Are 100% of all VSS cameras operational?

Is there evidence the VSS cameras are monitored daily and documented?

Does the facility meet fire safety, safety, and public health requirements?

Is there a documented copy of the Public Health quarterly comprehensive inspection?

Is there a documented copy of the Safety Office's quarterly comprehensive inspection?

Is there a documented copy of the Fire Department's comprehensive quarterly inspection?

Are there adequate fire extinguishers, signage to them, and have staff been trained on their usage and documented in their training files?

Is access provided for those with disabilities (parking, doorways, bathrooms, hallways, etc.)?



Is the parking lot clear of hazards and serviceable for parents and staff to use?

Do sidewalks provide adequate access and are free of hazards?

Are the grounds maintained; grass cut, shrubs not obstructing access or visibility to play areas, etc?

Are outside lights in good working order?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.