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  • Crossing Locaction

  • Melways Reference

  • Supervisor

  • Operating times

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Audit title PCSX:

Uniform and Equipment Checked

  • Are flags displayed?

  • Are flags in good condition?

  • Is the stop sign displayed?

  • Is the stop sign in good condition?

  • Whistle

  • Winter/Summer Coat

  • Hat

  • Appropriate footwear

  • Uniform clean and tidy

  • Notebook and pen

Supervisor Performance Skills and Knowledge Check

  • Punctuality

  • Time arrived / left

  • Is the stop sign being used correctly?

  • Is the stop sign clearly visible to approaching motorists?

  • Does the Crossing Supervisor stand on the side of the road the children approach?

  • Does the Crossing Supervisor instruct the children to stand behind the yellow line?

  • Does the Crossing Supervisor blow the whistle twice clearly and precisely?

  • Does the Crossing Supervisor safely stop traffic?<br>If no, please provide further comments.

  • Does the Crossing Supervisor allow sufficient time for traffic to stop before stepping onto the crossing?<br>If no, please provide further comments.

  • Does the Crossing Supervisor ensure traffic is not stopped unnecessarily/too often?<br>If no, please provide further comments over the page.

  • Does the Crossing Supervisor wait for all pedestrians to totally leave the crossing before leaving the crossing themselves?

  • Is the Crossing Supervisor familiar with the traffic/cycle length of the signals and timing of the pedestrian walk sequence in each cycle? (Traffic light crossing only)

  • Does the Crossing Supervisor need further instruction in any area?

Location Check

  • When putting out and bringing in the flags, did the Supervisor pay careful attention to the road and they own safety?

  • Are there and damaged or missing signs?

  • Add media

  • At the time of inspection, were there any vehicles/objects on the approach side of the crossing, which may have obstructed a driver's view of the Supervisor and pedestrians?

  • Are there any trees overhanging the footpath?

  • Add media

  • Is the footpath damaged i.e. raised or cracked?

  • Add media

  • Do the white lines on the road need painting?

  • Add media

  • Do the red and white poles need painting?

  • Add media

  • Are there yellow pedestrian holding lines on the footpath?

  • Add media

  • Is the area clean of rubbish and debris?

  • Add media

What Schools Use This Crossing

  • Schools

Organisational Expectations

Work Health and Saefty

  • Ensures that the work tasks are carried out in a safe manner?<br>Identifies potential hazards and risks to health or safety that may affect themselves or others and reports those hazards to the Crossing Coordinator?<br><br>Attends initial and refresher training?

Customer Service

  • Does the crossing supervisor maintain effective relationships with customers using the children's crossing?

Review of Performance

  • Does the crossing supervisor meet all the requirements for a crossing supervisor?

Children's Crossing Supervisor - Feedback

  • Do you have any concerns or any items that require attention?

Is a follow up inspection required?

  • For maintenance or performance issues.

Inspection Sign Off

  • Date/Time of Inspection/Review:

  • Discussion advising feedback occurred on this day?

  • Childrens Crossing Coordinator

  • I confirm that this audit/review has been discussed with me.

  • Childrens Crossing Supervisor

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