Title Page

  • Client / Site

  • Title

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by Michael J. Dominianni

  • Location
  • Cost

  • Paid by

Building Information

  • House

  • Address
  • Only chimneys and flues represented in this report were inspected during the inspection. Heating flues and certain appliance flues are not inspected due to the nature of a real estate inspection and limitations with our company. These limitations were explained at the booking time and in the contract.

Exterior Chimney Chase

    Exterior Chimney Chase
  • Chimney Name

  • Viewed From

  • Chimney was not inspects from the roof for safety reasons for the inspector.

  • Chase Material

  • Other

  • Evidence of

  • Other

  • Items attached

  • Roof Flashing

  • Obstruction Clearance

  • Extended at least 3' above roof

  • 2' higher than anything 10' around

  • Number of flues in chimney

  • Evidence of

  • Rain Cap

  • Installed

  • General Chimney Chase Comments

  • Chimney Chase Photos

Firebox/Appliance Evaluation

  • Fireplace name

  • Fireplace type

  • Fuel type

  • Fireplace face

  • Other

  • Face condition

  • Other

  • Firebox

  • Firebox condition

  • Height, Width, and Depth

  • Hearth Extending at least 16" in front of and at least 8" beyond the sides

  • Damper

  • Fireplace screens

  • Fireplace doors

  • General Fireplace Comments

  • Fireplace Photos

  • Appliance
  • Appliance

  • Appliance name

  • Appliance type

  • Fuel type

  • Thimble

  • Other

  • Vent

  • General Appliance Comments

  • Appliance Photos

Flue Evaluation

    Flue Evaluation
  • Flue Name:

  • Smoke Chamber

  • Overall Smoke Chamber Condition

  • Smoke Chamber Issues

  • Flue liner

  • Overall Flue Condition

  • Inspected from

  • Liner Material

  • Shape

  • Size

  • Flue Issues

  • Other

  • General Liner Comments

  • Flue and Smoke Chamber Photos

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