Safety Checks

Personal protection.

  • Helmet, earmuffs, visor.

  • High vis top.

  • Chainsaw pants.

  • Steel cap boots.

Site preparation.

  • Clear working area

  • General public prevented from access.

  • Are all vehicles parked away from work area.

  • Client has been briefed.


  • Is the chipper being used.

  • Has chipper been greased and fuelled.

  • In safe working area

Work at heights.

  • Is a climber required.

  • Suitable location of friction saver identified.

  • Harness checked

  • Carabiners checked

  • Lanyard checked

  • Ropes checked

  • Is rigging required

  • Port-a-wrap secured

  • Roping point secure

  • Ropes checked

  • Location identified for rope spool.

  • Is there a EWP onsite.

  • Clear working area

  • Level ground


  • Wind level

  • Rain level


  • Photos of work before work is started.

  • Drawing of site layout.

  • Is there any other information relating to site and or personnel safety that needs to be noted?

Pre Work

  • Who is onsite today. (Include other contractors and clients

  • Person
  • Staff name.

Post Work

Before you leave site.

  • Job Status.

Job not finished today!

  • Amount of time required to complete job.

  • Is this scheduled in the calendar and with the client.

  • Have you notified Chris.

  • Contact Chris
    or email.

Job Finished!

  • Was there any damage caused.

  • List each incident separately with photo and description.

  • Damage
  • Photo of damage.

  • Drawing.

  • Description

  • How much time was estimated for job.

  • Is there extra charges to be invoiced to client.

  • Please add extra work here along with additional items in the invoice so that it is charged to the client.

  • Work
  • How much extra time is to be invoiced for job.

  • Description of work. Include who requested the work and any representations made to the client at the time.

  • Is a stump grinder required.

  • Stumps cut down to suitable height.

  • Paul notified.

  • Email Paul

Before leaving site.

  • All equipment has been picked up.

  • Is all tree related mess cleaned up.

  • Job photos.

  • Site photos.

  • Client has been invoiced

  • Contact Chris
    or email.

  • Payment Status

  • Departure from site.

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