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Minimum standards for light and ventilation

  • G01 Install window screens. 8:502

  • G02 Repair/replace the screen door closer. 8:502

  • G03 Repair/replace the exterior entry light fixture. 8:502

  • G04 Vacate for use as a bedroom 8:503

  • S01 On entry door install a chain lock, slide bolt or similar device which can only be activated or released from within the unit. 8:503

  • S02 On entry door install a deadbolt lock with a minimum 1" throw, activated by an interior knob and exterior key. 8:503

  • S03 Install a wide angle peephold viewer. 8:503

  • S04 Install dowel rods a minimum of 5/8" in width or diameter for sliding windows/doors. 8:503

  • S05 Install pink locks (and properly aligned ventilation holes) or vent locks on double hung windows. 8:503

  • S06 Install window sash locks. 8:503


  • LS07 Install an approved emergency escape window in each bedroom (building permit and final approval by a building inspector required reinspection date) or obtain a Building Board of Appeals variance. 8:504

  • LS08 Provide 6'0" stairway headroom (building permit and final approval by a building inspector required by the reinspection date) OR install hardwired interconnected smoke detectors at the top of each flight of stairs (electrical permit and final approval by an electrical inspector required by the reinspection date). 8:504

  • LS09 Repair the entry door close to self-close and latch.  8:504

  • LS10 Remove the hasp lock(s). 8:504

  • LS12 Ensure all exit signs and emergency lights function properly in both the regular and back up positions. 8:504

Electrical systems

  • E01  Install properly sized type "s" fuses in electrical panel. 8:505

  • E02 Install an approved deadfront panel in electrical panel. 8:505

  • E03 Install knockout covers in the electrical panel. 8:505

  • E04 Provide a minimum 3 foot clearance in front of the electrical panel 8:505

  • E05 Properly bond the water meter. 8:505

  • E06 Limit extension cord usage to one properly sized cord per applicance, maximum 6' in length. 8:505

  • E07 Remove outlet expander. 8:505

  • E08 Secure wiring into the garbage disposal with an electrical clamp. 8:505

  • E09 Repair/replace the GFCI outlet. 8:505

  • E10 Install an approved GFCI outlet. 8:505

  • E11 Replace ungrounded 3 prong outlets with approved outlets. 8:505

  • E12 Properly wire the outlet (reversed plarity). 8:505

  • E12 Properly wire the outlet (reversed plarity).  8:505

  • E13 Install outlet/switch cover(s). 8:505

  • E14 Properly wire or repair the 3 way switched lighting. 8:505

  • E15 Repair replace damaged outlet/switch/light fixture(s). 8:505

  • E16 Restore the lights to an operable condition. 8:505

  • E17 Install a globe on the light fixture. 8:505

  • E18 Properly secure the loose wiring on the ceiling/wall. 8:505

  • E19 Have a licensed electrical contractor replace the Service Entrance Cable. Obtain and final an electrical permit. 8:505

Heating facilities

  • M01 Have a licensed mechanical contractor clean and service the furnace/boiler including, but not limited to, a check and test of the furnace safety controls, heat exchanger, proper venting and adequate combustion of air; provide the inspector with a copy of the invoice by the reinspection date. 8:506

  • M02 Replace the furnace filter. 8:506

  • M03 Obtain a current State of Michigan boiler certificate and place tag on boiler. 8:506

  • M04 INstall approved metallic dryer venting. 8:506

  • M05 Install an approved gas shut off valve. 8:506

Plumbing systems

  • P01 Install an approved temperature and pressure relief valve on the water heater 8:507

  • P02 Repair/replace the leaking water heater temperature/pressure relief valve. 8:507

  • P03 Install an approved water heater blow off pipe that terminates within 6 inches of the floor. 8:507

  • P04 Repair/replace the sink 8:507

  • P05 Repair/replace the leaking sink faucet 8:507

  • P06 Repair the leak under the sink 8:507

  • P07 Install an approved ballcock valve in toilet 8:507

  • P08 Secure the toilet to the floor and recaulk. 8:507

  • P09 Provide adequate water pressure 8:507

  • P10 Recaulk around the bathtub 8:507

  • P11 Repair/replace the leaking bathtub faucet 8:507

  • P12 Install a vacuum breaker on the shower hose or remove the hose 8:507

  • P13 Install a vacuum breaker on hose threaded connections, i.e., laundry tubs, hose bibs, etc. 8:507

  • P14 Replace the deteriorated plumbing drain line. 8:507

  • P15 Cap unused drain line. 8:507


  • G05 Restore the area to a clean and sanitary condition. 8:508

General Maintenance

  • GM01 Maintain a minimum 5 foot clearance around the heating facilities and water heater 8:509

  • GM02 Remove the storage 8:509

  • GM04 Remove the ashes and debris from the chimney clean out area. 8:509

  • GM05 Seal all fire chases with a one hour fire rated material 8:509

  • GM06 Restore the foundation to a solid, sound, condition 8:509

  • GM07 Repair/replace damaged entry door 8:509

  • GM08 Make the exterior entry door weathertight 8:509

  • GM09 Make the windows weathertight 8:509

  • GM10 Replace the fogged/broken window pane(s) 8:509

  • GM11 Repair double hung windows to open and close easily and remain open without preps 8:509

  • GM12 Repair/replaced damaged window sash 8:509

  • GM13 Install a finished floor covering 8:509

  • GM14 Install an impervious floor covering in the kitchn/bathroom 8:509

  • GM15 Repair/replace the exhaust fan in the kitchen/bathroom 8:509

  • GM16 Replaced the missing or damaged kitchen exhaust fan filter 8:509

  • GM17 Scrape and paint the ceiling/wall(s). 8:509

  • GM18 Repair the wall(s) 8:509

  • GM19 Properly Secure 8:509

  • GM20 Provide adequate ventilation in the attic 8:509

  • GM21 Install a graspable handrail and return 1 1/8" - 2 5/8" in diameter, located 30" - 38" in height above the stairway tread nosings. 8:509

  • GM22 Secure the handrail 8:509

  • GM23 Install an intermediate guardrail 12" - 15" above the tread nosings for the stairway 8:509

  • GM24 Repair stairway providing unform rise and run

  • GM25 Restore to a solid, sound condition 8:509

  • GM26 Repair/replace gutters, downspouts and extensions as needed around the building 8:509

  • GM27 Clean the gutters 8:509

  • GM28 Repair the roof as needed 8:509

  • GM29 Replace roof; obtain building permit and final approval by building inspector by reinspection date 8:509

  • GM3 Seal around the flue pipe chimney penetration with a noncumbustible material 8:509

  • GM30 Repair chimney 8:509

  • GM31 Slope grade away from building 8:509

  • GM32 Scrape and paint the exterior of the building 8:509

  • GM33 Remove the trash and debris around the exterior of the building 8:509

  • GM34 Locate and correct the source of the water problem and repair the area in a professional manner 8:509

  • GM35 Replace all the rotted wood 8:509

  • GM36 Repair/replace the deteriorated siding 8:509

  • GM37 Repair/replace the existing driveway 8:509


  • G07 Provide access during the reinspection. 8:511

Housing Board of Appeals

  • G08 Obtain a Housing Board of Appeals Variance.  For more information, contact (734) 994-2696 8:515


  • TP01 Have a licensed contractor obtain the required building/plumbing/electrical/mechanical permit and final approval by the appropriate inspector by the reinspection date. 8:518

  • TP02 Obtain final approval for permit by the reinspection date 8:518

Smoke and fire detection devices

  • LS01 Install a battery operated smoke detector within 10 feet of each bedroom. 8:527

  • LS02 Install a battery operated smoke detector at the top of the stairs. 8:527

  • LS03 Replace the missing hard wired smoke detector. 8:527

  • LS04 Replace the existing outdated smoke detector. 8:527

  • LS05 Restore the smoke detector to an operable condition. 8:527

  • LS06 Restore the hardwired interconnected smoke detectors to an operative condition. 8:527

  • LS11 Have a qualified alarm company check and service the entire alarm system and provide a copy of the invoice. 8:527

  • LS11 Have a qualified alarm company check and service the entire alarm system and provide a copy of the invoice.  8:527

  • LS13 Have a qualified company check & service the stove hood suppression system/fire extinguishers. Provide a copy of the invoice. 8:527

  • LS13 Have a qualified company check & service the stove hood suppression system/fire extinguishers.  Provide a copy of the invoice. 8:527

Basic winterization

  • W01 Install insulation in or on top of the floor to a minimum R-30 value; provide adequate ventilation; properly install any vapor barriers; obtain the required building permit and final approval by a building inspector by the reinspection date. 8:528

  • W02 Properly reglaze windows. 8:528

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