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1. General Lighting

  • 1.1 - Is there sufficient lighting to allow work to be undertaken effectively?

  • 1.2 - Are light fittings clean and in good condition?

2. Electrical Safety

  • 2.1 - Are all electrical plugs, sockets or switches clean and in good working order?

  • 2.2 - Are all electrical items using a single power point? (There are no double adapters or power boards other than those approved by E-Safe in use)

  • 2.3 - Is all portable equipment or powered tools tested, tagged and in good condition?

  • 2.4 - Are all leads, cables or cords in good condition? (No fraying, damage or strained leads)

3. Building Safety

  • 3.1 - Are all floor surfaces in good condition, even and free from obstruction or spillage?

  • 3.2 - Are all entry and walkways kept clear?

  • 3.3 - Are loading and storage areas clean and tidy?

4. Plant/Equipment/Machinery/Tools

  • 4.1 - Are plant and equipment (such as machinery/tools) maintained in good order and condition?

  • 4.2 - Are tools and equipment not in use kept in correct storage place and storage is adequate?

  • 4.3 - Is there adequate machine guarding and guards are maintained in good condition?

  • 4.4 - If required, is appropriate Personal Protective Equipment available and in good condition? (hearing protection, safety glasses, gloves etc)

5. Storage, Design and Use

  • 5.1 - Are materials stored in racks and bins wherever possible?

  • 5.2 - Is storage designed to minimise lifting problems?

  • 5.3 - Are racks and pallets are maintained and in good condition?

  • 5.4 - Do storage, design and use comply with load ratings and load ratings are clearly displayed?

6. Ladders

  • 6.1 - Are all ladders industrial strength rated? (Non Household rated, check label)

  • 6.2 - Are ladders maintained and in good condition?

7. Rubbish Removal

  • 7.1 - Are bins located at suitable points around site and are emptied regularly?

  • 7.2 - Are oily rags and combustible refuse placed into designated, covered metal containers?

8. Chemical Safety

  • 8.1 - Are the Material Safety Data Sheets available for all chemicals?

  • 8.2 - Is chemical storage approved and appropriate? (This includes appropriate signage displayed)

  • 8.3 - If required, is appropriate PPE available for the different types of chemicals?

  • 8.4 - Are all containers labelled correctly?

  • 8.5 - Is adequate ventilation provided?

  • 8.6 - Is the Hazardous Substance Register complete and available?

  • 8.7 - If applicable, are special storage conditions followed?

9. Fire Prevention

  • 9.1 - Is evacuation plan displayed and/or accessible in key locations throughout the workplace?

  • 9.2 - Is designated Fire Warden signage displayed in appropriate areas and Wardens are identifiable?

  • 9.3 - Are extinguishers serviced every 6 months? (Check 6 monthly punch mark on tabs)

  • 9.4 - Are extinguishers clear of obstructions?

  • 9.5- Are flammable materials adequately stored to prevent fire outbreak?

  • 9.6 - Are exit doors easily opened from inside and exits are free from obstruction?

  • 9.7 - Is extinguisher no more than 1200 mm max height and base not lower than 100 mm?

  • 9.8 - Are Fire Extinguisher Indicator signs aplaced 2.1 m above floor level, above the fire extinguisher?

  • 9.9 - Are extinguishers in place, clearly marked for type of fire?

  • 9.10 - Are fire alarm system tests conducted monthly?

  • 9.11 - Are emergency evacuation drills regularly undertaken to assess the effectiveness of the emergency evacuation plan?

  • 9.2 - Does the emergency evacuation plan illustrate the location of fire protection equipment, emergency exits and assembly points?

The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture's solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of a template is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction. You should independently determine whether the template is suitable for your circumstances.