The environment is welcoming and organized

The environment is generally neat and attractive

Developmentally appropriate materials are attractively displayed and easily accessible to students

The environment reflects the culture, language, ethnicity and developmental stages of the students served.

Class Structure

Takes attendance

Shows evidence of lesson planning (lesson plan is posted and utilized in class)

Reviews previous day's course content

Summarizes course content covered

Job chart is posted and children rotate "helper" roles (e.g room cleaning, line leader etc)


Provides well-designed materials

Employs non-lecture learning activities (i.e. small group discussion, student-led activities)

Invites class discussion

Employs other tools/instructional aids (i.e. technology, computer, video, overheads)

Delivers well-planned lecture

Teacher - Student Interaction

Students are engaged and active

Solicits student input

Demonstrates awareness of individual student learning needs


Appears knowledgeable

Appears well organized

Explains concepts clearly

Relates concepts to students’ experience

Selects learning experiences appropriate to the level of learning


General Observations / Recommendations

Name & Signature of Teacher / Instructor
Name & Signature of Evaluator