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Movement around the classroom (slips and trips)

  • Is the internal flooring in a good condition?

  • Are there any changes in floor level or type of flooring that need to be highlighted?

  • Are gangways between desks kept clear?

  • Are trailing electrical leads/cables prevented wherever possible?

  • Is lighting bright enough to allow safe access and exit?

  • Are procedures in place to deal with spillages, eg water, blood from cuts?

  • Are access steps or ramps properly maintained?

  • Are access stairs or ramps provided with handrails?

Work at height (falls)

  • Do you have an ‘elephant-foot’ stepstool or stepladder available for use where necessary?

  • Is a window-opener provided for opening high-level windows?

Furniture and fixtures

  • Are permanent fixtures in good condition and securely fastened, eg cupboards, display boards, shelving?

  • Is furniture in good repair and suitable for the size of the user, whether adult or child?

  • Is portable equipment stable, eg a TV set on a suitable trolley?

  • Where window restrictors are fitted to upper-floor windows, are they in good working order?

  • Are hot surfaces of radiators etc protected where necessary to prevent the risk of burns to vulnerable young people?

Manual handling

  • Have trolleys been provided for moving heavy objects (e.g. computers)?

Computers and similar equipment

  • If you use computers as part of your job, has a workstation assessment been completed?

  • Have pupils been advised about good practice when using computers?

Electrical equipment and services

  • Are fixed electrical switches and plug sockets in good repair?

  • Are all plugs and cables in good repair?

  • Has portable electrical equipment, eg laminators, been visually checked and, where necessary, tested at suitable intervals to ensure that it’s safe to use? (There may be a

  • sticker to show it has been tested.)

  • Has any damaged electrical equipment been taken out of service or replaced?


  • If the school contains asbestos, have details of the location and its condition in the classroom been provided and explained to you?

  • Have you been provided with guidance on securing pieces of work to walls/ceilings that may contain asbestos?


  • If there are fire exit doors in the classroom, are they:

  • ■ unobstructed;

  • ■ kept unlocked; and

  • ■ easy to open from the inside?

  • Is fire-fighting equipment in place in the classroom?

  • Are fire evacuation procedures clearly displayed?

  • Are you aware of the evacuation drill, including arrangements for any vulnerable adults or children?

Workplace (ventilation and heating)

  • Does the room have natural ventilation?

  • Can a reasonable room temperature be maintained during use of the classroom?

  • Are measures in place? (e.g. blinds to protect from glare and heat from the sun?)


  • Comments and Recommendations

  • Full Name and Signature of Inspector

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