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  • Administrative

• Safety Manual

  • Is the manual complete and updated?

  • Is LO/TO section certified by EHS Manager?

  • Does manual have correlating training documents for:

  • - BBP?

  • -HAZCOM?

  • -LO/TO?

  • -CPR trained First responders/Hep B?

  • -Powered industrial truck training?

  • -Arc flash suit and training?

  • -Are line roll operators certified in writing?

  • -Respiratory program or signed Append. D for Masks?

  • -Heat stress?

  • Does the facility have a safety matrix?

  • Is the matrix utilized effectively?

  • Does the facility have communication centers?

  • Are the centers effective?

  • Has a PPE hazard assessment been conducted in the last year?

  • Does the team have a safety plan to cover goals, incentives theme and banner?

• Hazard Assessment/Recognition Program

  • Does the facility have a hazard assessment inspection program?

  • Are hazards being tracked by department?

  • Are CARs and root cause analysis being completed on hazards?

• OSHA Recordkeeping

  • Are OSHA logs being maintained properly to include the previous five years?

  • Are CARs being conducted on recordable injuries?

  • Is root cause analysis effective?

  • Is the first aid log being properly maintained?

• Safety Committee

  • Is the Safety Committee meeting monthly and are minutes being kept properly?

• Respirable Crystalline Silica

  • Does the facility have a written exposure control plan?

  • Has the facility completed a exposure assessment with air sampling?

  • Are there signs posted in regulated areas?

• Hearing Conservation

  • Are hearing tests conducted annually?

  • Are STS being handled appropriately?

• Facility Safety

  • Are thermographic scans being conducted every two years?

  • Are hoist inspections being conducted annually?

  • Are hoist inspections being conducted daily/monthly?

  • Is the property checklist completed by EHS Manager monthly?

  • Is the plant close up checklist completed daily?

  • Is the AED being maintained properly?

  • Are corrective actions complete from Fortier audits?

  • Are sprinkler drain tests done quarterly an documented?

  • Is sprinkler and alarm system evaluated by third party annually?

  • Are required posting present? (Right to know, Safety Policy, Enviro. Policy, OSHA 300A,Hearing Cons., W/C, Bomb threat)

  • Physical Walk

• Are the following programs in place and effective:

  • Fall Protection?

  • Suspended Loads?

  • Powered Industrial Trucks?

  • Line Roll?

  • Cut resistant gloves?

  • Electrical cords and boxes?

  • Electrical safety inside home?

  • Housekeeping?

  • Fire extinguishers?

  • Floor jacks (Koni or scissor lifts)?

  • Dust control?

  • Flammable storage?

  • Step access to house and tables?

  • Material Handling?

  • Eye Wash stations?

  • No blocked exits or panel boxes?

  • Hitch lock?

  • Machine guarding?


  • Compliance

  • Does team have a storm water plan with up to date training?

  • Are samples up to date?

  • Does the plant have an air permit and in compliance?

  • Are material usages being sent to Strata monthly?

  • Are the usages tracked by physical means (not purchasing)?

ISO Program

  • Does the HBF have an ISO Coordinator?

  • Is the manual being properly maintained?

  • 6.1.2c Aspects reviewed annually and updated every 3 years?

  • Planning - 6.2.2b Correctly filled out and tracking progress?

  • Objective Tracking - Does 6.2.1, 6.2.2a & 9.1.1 all have matching overall objectives?

  • Are all meetings being conducted IAW the program?

  • Have CARs been conducted for all noted deficiencies?

  • Is root cause analysis effective?

  • Is required training conducted? 7.2 a&b

  • Does the team have an effective ISO communication board?

  • Is the ISO program effective and moving towards completing listed goals & objectives?


  • Auditor's Name and Signature

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