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Daily Cleaning Requirements

  • Removal of Rubbish - Empty wastepaper and garbage bins to otto bins and recycle bins. Replace bin liners (Liners provided by cleaners)

  • Carpet Floors - Vacuum all carpet areas including mats paying attention to edges, under mats and under furniture. Spot clean marks and spills. Centre to move or stack furniture each day to provide as much access for cleaners to floors as possible.

  • Vinyl floors: Sweep, vacuum and wash all vinyl floors move mats and furniture

    Sweep, vacuum and wash (with soapy water only) all vinyl floors move mats and furniture

  • Bathrooms - Clean and disinfect, pan, seats, lids, taps, all chrome fittings, pipes, drain holes, doors, door handles, mirrors and basins. Wash floors with disinfectant/cleaner. Spot clean marks from partitions and walls

  • Kitchen/Laundry/Nappy change area - Sweep/vacuum, mop and disinfect all floors. Wash and disinfect sinks and benches

  • Internal glass and window sills Dust/clean - Windows and glass doors Clean inside and out

  • Others - Disinfect all door handles. Wipe down desks, shelving, cupboards, filing cabinets, computer and copier


  • Removal of Rubbish - Take otto bins out for collection. Wipe lids and wash all internal bins

  • Carpet Floors - Vacuum in between glass sliding doors

  • Vinyl Floors Buffed


  • Beams and Fans (if applicable) To be dusted/wiped

  • Other - Dust tops of doors


  • Carpet Floor and rugs (if applicable) - Steam clean carpets and rugs (Centre to move furniture to the vinyl areas so cleaners can access carpet areas)

  • Vinyl Floors Polish floors. Strip and seal (Cleaners to move furniture onto carpet areas to access vinyl)
    NB: GWCC, GWOOSH, SCM, PWOOSH, PEMCC & PEMOOSH cannot be stripped and sealed NB: SGOOSH, RROOSH to be stripped and sealed after each school holiday period

  • Kitchen/Laundry/Nappy Change Area
    Clean behind washing machine/dryer/fridge/freezer. Cleaners to move items out to cleaned behind. NB: if power is turned off ensure it is turned back on before completing.

  • Other Clean - flyscreens and light fittings

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