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  • You have received the full and legal name of the client.

  • You have received the accurate and legal birthdate of the client.

  • You have received the accurate and official social security number for the client (e.g. Review the actual social security card).

  • You have received the insurance provider's name and number (e.g. Medicaid Billing Number).

  • You have verified the client's age (e.g. If a minor or in the care of an authorized representative complete section two).

  • You have documented the client's address.

  • You have documented the client's telephone number (e.g. Ask the client for the number best to contact him/her).

  • The client is eligible for services.

  • You have listed the name of the staff person that facilitated the eligibility determination.

SECTION TWO: PGA (Parent, Guardian, or Authorized Representative)

  • You have documented the name and relationship of the PGA.

  • You have documented the date of birth for the PGA.

  • You have documented the contact information of the PGA (e.g. Include address and telephone number).


  • You have communicated to the client and have ensured he/she understands his/her rights and responsibilities (Note: ensure you provide the client with full proof of their rights and responsibilities)<br><br>1. Right to select a service provider of choice.<br><br>2. Right to receive medically necessary service according to your level of intensity and as determined by a (QMHP).<br><br>3. You have the right to discontinue services at any time and should give requisite notice of your decision.<br><br>4. You and/or your PGA have the right to be actively involved in development and provision of services provided within our program.<br><br>5. You have the right to have your confidentiality maintained at all times and no information will be shared without your written authorization.<br><br>6. You have the right and will be provided services in a safe and efficient manner.<br><br>7. You have the right and will be required to sign and receive a copy of your Rehabilitation Treatment Plan.<br><br>8. You have the right and will have developed goals and objectives that are time specific, measurable, observable, achievable, realistic, time limited, outcome driven, individualized, progressive, and developmentally and age appropriate.

  • You have communicated to the client and or his PGA their responsibilities to the program.<br><br>A. Participate in the development and implementation of their individualized Rehabilitation Treatment Plan.<br><br>B. Keep all scheduled appointments.<br><br>C. Inform our program of any changes of coverage or eligibility.


  • You have communicated to the client our confidentiality policies in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and violations from either party could result in dis-enrollment from programming as a client and disqualification as a service provider.


  • You have communicated all available service options to the client.<br><br>~Basic Skills Training (BST)<br><br>~Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)<br><br>~Day Treatment<br><br>~Peer to Peer<br><br>~Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)<br><br>~Crisis Intervention


  • I acknowledge that I have read, understand and accept the information that has been shared with me the (Client) and/or the PGA during this intake and eligibility process.

  • This form was completed on what date and at what time

  • Client signature

  • If applicable, PGA signature

  • Staff signature

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