Pass Thru

Expo Closing List Complete

Coffee and Pop Stations Clean and Shut Down, Glass Racks Married, Mugs Put Away

All Cutlery Buffed, None Left Overnight

No Dirty Linen or Staff Drinks Left Out

Cappuccino Machine Clean and Taken Apart

QSR Screens and Printer Wiped Down and Turned Off

All Audio and Televisions Turned Off - Projectors Off and Up, Volumes Down to Min.

Recycling and Bottles Taken Out

Weekly Expo Duty Complete?

Host Stand

Host closing list complete

Cigarette Butts Cleaned Out

Cutlery and Napkins Filled

All Menus Wiped Down and Organized

Drink book w/ drink special insert on every table?

QSR screen wiped, turned off, and cleaned behind.

Vacuum Emptied and Plugged in

Dining Room and Lounge

All tables wiped clean and set properly.

Sunday thru Thursday night - Are the lounge tables set for the next day?

All Curtains Left Open - Ensure Patio Door is Locked

Candles Left in Pass Thru - Keep Them Out Until Guests Leave!

Booths and chairs clean and Free of Crumbs + Debris

Booth cracks wiped?

Lounge server stations wiped and stocked?

Daily + Weekly Server Duty Complete?

All squirrel screens wiped. Side stations wiped (under and around screens and printers).


Bar Nightly Duty Complete?

Glassware Put Up + Mats Clean

Bar Walk Thru Completed - No Stickiness, All Product/Bottles/Glassware Stocked

Dishwasher Traps Clean, Machine Empty and Shut Down

Squirrel Computer and Printers Clean and Turned Off

Wine Bottles Pumped

Wine Glasses Buffed, None Left Overnight

All Drains and Beer Taps Wrapped in Saran Wrap

Final Wipe of Bar Top Complete

Bottles Taken Out, Sinks and Grates Clean


All Doors Locked, Triple Check!

Happy Hour Signs Brought Inside and Left in Vestibule

Debit Machines Back on There Chargers

FInal Washroom Checks Complete

Staff Area Clean, No Dishes Left, Personal Belongings Tidy

Office Clean and Tidy - Wipe Counter, Recycling/Garbage Taken Out, No Dishes Left Overnight, Bar Floats Put in Safe

Punch Adjusts Complete and Sign Out Sheet Left in Office

TOGO Cashout Complete

Exterior Enviro Walk

Are All Exterior Lights in Working Order?

Closing Lot Sweep Complete?