Driver's Daily Worksheet

Driver Fatigue Self-Assessment

  • Do you struggle to keep your head up?

  • Are your eyelids drooping, or your eyes going out of focus?

  • Are you relying on caffeine for alertness?

  • Have you been missing exits or road signs?

  • Have you been braking late or slowing unintentionally?

  • Is your mind wandering?

  • Has the rest since your last shift been inadequate?

  • Remember, fatigue is the number one contributor of heavy vehicle accidents. It's not worth the risk.

Fitness for Work

  • Sign to Declare that you are (1) not under the influence of alcohol, drugs or fatigue, and (2) not suffering from physical, medical or psychological conditions which may impair your ability to drive or make decisions.

  • NOTE: If you detect symptoms of fatigue during self-assessment, extend your rest break. If detected during transport, you must stop all driving activities as soon as safely practicable and rest. Notify your supervisor and make arrangements as required.

Personal Equipment and First Aid

  • First Aid Kit

  • 250mL eye wash kit (FULL)

  • PPE, DG safety gear - long sleeves and pants

  • Thermally insulated gloves (DG 2.1, 2.2)

  • Serviceable safety triangle / roadside diamonds

DG Class 6.1

  • Chemical Gloves

  • Resistant Overalls

  • Chemical Resistant Boots

Daily Operations Report

  • Full Name

  • Registration

  • Start Time

  • Finish Time

  • Rest Breaks
  • Start

  • Finish

  • Location

Vehicle Details

  • Speedometer Finish

  • Speedometer Start

  • KM travelled

  • Driver's Signature

  • Deliveries not Completed
  • Deliveries not completed

  • Comments

  • Signature

Maintenance and Equipment Checklist

  • Fleet Number

  • Are you Fatigued

  • How many hours have you been driving for?

  • Have you notified your manager

Vehicle Mechanical

  • Coolant Level

  • Oil level

  • Indicators/lights working

  • Are there leaks (under truck)

  • Load restraint devices - inspected and in good working condition

  • Reverse warning beeper

  • Windscreen wipers

  • Horn

  • Truck keys returned/in place (as req'd)

  • Visual checks on suspension

  • Customer keys returned (as req'd)

  • Fuel level

  • Tyres - tread, pressure good

  • Handheld returned

Ancillary Equipment

  • DG Signage Shows Correct Placard

  • Fire Extinguishers in date

Cylinder Trucks and Utes

  • Anti-Slip Material

  • Complete daily crane log entry

  • Crane/hoists leak check

  • Mechanical tail gate is operational

  • Hook safety latch

  • Lifting devices (e.g. chains) inspected

  • Intrinsically Safe Torch

  • DH Emergency Response Guide

Bulk Tankers

  • CoA for Load

  • Flow Meter with Calibration Check Date

  • Anti-Slip Material

  • SFL used when Loading

  • Valves open and shut freely with no leaks

  • Mechanical tail gate is operational

  • Transfer hoses are within expiry dates

  • Hook safety latch

  • Tools are in operational condition

  • Lifting devices (e.g. chains) inspected

  • Adequate spare connectors and tape

Sign Off

  • Driver Name and Signature

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