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  • Personnel

  • Is the BWOF up to date and displayed correctly?


  • 1. Are all restricted areas locked and signage clearly displayed?

  • 2. Is the contractor box locked and all relevant forms stocked?

  • 3. Are contractors using the contractor induction box?

  • 4. Are all contractors signing in on every site visit?

  • 5. Are all contractors inducted and reviewed within past 12 months?

  • 6. Has the Hazard Awareness Chart been updated in the last 12 months?


  • 1. Is a Service Provider regularly testing and maintaining the following components to the relevant Service Agreement and appropriate State legislation:

  • A - Fire extinguishers (R)

  • B - Fire Hose Reels (R)

  • C - Fire Doors

  • D - Fire Alarm System

  • E - Fire Sprinkler System

  • Is there a sprinkler block plan on site

  • F - Hydrants

  • G - Early Warning Intercommunication System (EWIS)

  • H - Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs (R)

  • 2. Has flow test been done?

  • 3. Are fire cupboards (hose reel storage, etc) free from stored materials and rubbish? (R)

  • 4. Are Portable Fire Extinguishers and Fire Hose Reels clearly signed? (R)


  • 1. Is the emergency evacuation plan clearly displayed in all areas?

  • 2. Are all fire doors/ breakout panels operational?

  • 3. Are assembly areas allocated and understood?

  • 4. Has a practice drill occurred in the last six months?

  • 5. Are the means of escape paths and emergency exits clear?


  • 1. Has electrical equipment and Residual Current Devices been tested / tagged in last 12 months?

  • 2. Are power points being used appropriately (i.e no multiboards, double adaptors, etc)

  • 3. Has Distribution Board had thermal test done in last 12 months

  • 4. Does the site have a electrical lockout procedure?(reviewed last 12 months)


  • Is there a Generator on site?

  • Is there a maintenance service agreement for the generator?

  • Does the maintenance agreement include oil, fuel & coolant sampling?

  • Is there Diesel Stored on site

  • Is the storage tank’s integrity test part of the maintenance agreement?

  • Is there a current test certificate available?

  • Is there a documented Fuel filling procedure in place?

  • Is there a document fuel spill response procedure in place


  • 1. Are there any hazardous materials or dangerous goods present on site?

  • 2. Is Hazmat register current?

  • 3. Are the materials or goods stored correctly?

  • 4. Are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available for all dangerous goods?<br>

  • Is a copy of the MSDS held at the Fire Panel for QFRS?<br>

  • 5. Is there asbestos on site

  • Is the register up to date?

  • Sighted register

  • Photo evidence (as required)

  • 6. Is a spill kit on site and is it complete?

  • 7. Is there a documented spill control procedure and training regime in place


  • Is the site manned?

  • 1. Is a first aid kit supplied?

  • 2. Has the first aid kit been audited in the last year?

  • 3. Are all injuries reported and recorded in a book or form?

  • 4. When first aid equipment is used is it recorded?

  • 5. Is a sharps kit available?


  • 1. Are floors and surfaces in good condition?

  • 2. Are stairways and aisles kept clear and useable?

  • 3. Are lighting levels satisfactory?

  • 4. Is the general presentation and cleanliness satisfactory e.g. Ceilings, high glass, furniture?

  • 5. Are toilets clean and adequately stocked with supplies?

  • 6. Are the kitchen/tea rooms clean?

  • 7. Is air conditioning within operational limits?

  • 8. Is the directory board up to date?

  • 9. Are vacant areas clean and presentable?

  • 10. Are lifts clean, well lit and are the emergency phones operational? (R)

  • 11. Are public facilities and large common areas (i.e food courts, etc) well presented?


  • Is directory board current?

  • Are wet weather mats in place or available?

  • Are the mats in good condition?

  • Are lighting Levels 100%?


  • 1. Are exterior walls and surfaces clean and in good repair?

  • 2. Are paths and external stairs in good condition?

  • 3. Are parking areas tidy and bollards/<br>speed humps undamaged?<br>

  • 4. Is the line marking & signage adequate in the car park area?

  • 5. Are driveways clear and free of hazards?

  • 6. Are roller doors / boom gates / dock levellers operational / undamaged?

  • 7. Is exterior / security lighting working?

  • 8. Are drains / grates clear of rubbish?

  • 9. Are waste bins regularly emptied and area clean / tidy?

  • 10. Are fences / gates undamaged?

  • 11. Are landscaped areas well presented & free from rubbish?<br>


  • 1. Are all access ladders and stairways in good condition?

  • Are there ladders on site that are used by others

  • Is there a ladder inspection schedule in place & are records readily available

  • 2. Are the lifts and escalators serviced frequently?

  • 3. Does the car park ventilation system appear to be working correctly?

  • Are CO sensors tested?

  • 4. Are ALL plant rooms neat and tidy, free from debris and trip hazards?

  • 5. Is there evidence that chillers / cooling towers are regularly serviced?

  • 6. Is water testing regularly tested and are results available?

  • Are service records for all plant & equipment readily available?

  • 7. Are all plant registrations up to date & readily available?


  • 1. Is roof access restricted and is permit system in place?

  • 2. Is Radio Frequency Radiation present?

  • Is RFR plan documented and available to contractors?

  • Is RFR signage visible and adequate?

  • 3. Is the roof area free from debris and trip hazards?

  • 4. Are gutters clear and in good condition? (R)

  • 5. Are roof walkways and perimeter barriers in good condition?

  • 6. Are there Anchor points on the roof?

  • 7. Are these anchor points rated?

  • 8. Have these anchor points been tested in the last 12 months?


  • Have Thermostatic Mixing Valves been serviced (Annual)

  • 1. Has the back flow device been tested?

  • 2. Is there a Grease Trap on site

  • Are grease traps serviced as per regulations?

  • 3. Are there sump pumps on site

  • Are the pumps operational and regularly serviced?


  • 1. Are there any confined spaces areas on site?

  • Are these areas clearly marked and labelled?


  • Does the building have a BMU?

  • Is there a service & Maintenance Agreement in place?

  • Is the BMU locked & secure?

  • Is there a documented permit system in place for the use of the BMU?


  • Is there a secure access control system to the premises?

  • Is there a record of all cards and keys on site?

  • Is there a service & maintenance agreement in place?

  • Is there a CCTV system in the building?

  • Is there an ongoing service & maintenance agreement in place?


  • Is the site access compliant?

  • Are there disabled access ramps to the entrance

  • Do the lifts have braille & voice?

  • Are there tactile indicators on paths and before/after stairs?

  • Are there disabled access amenities on site?


  • Does the site have cooling Towers

  • Is there a contract in place for the chemical treatment

  • Are records readily available for auditing purposes

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