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Inspection report for Retail Strips under Colliers International WA Management.

Fire Protection Systems & Emergency Management

  • 1) Verify any Fire Protection Equipment is present in all required locations, in good visual condition, no obstructions to access, with appropriate signage, and inspection tags have been stamped where relevant:

  • 1a) Fire Extinguishers (tagged <6 months)

  • 1b) Fire Hose Reels (tagged <6 months)

  • 1c) Fire Doors (closed & in good condition)

  • 1d) Fire Passages (free of all obstructions)

  • 1e) Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs

  • 1f) Hydrants

Tenancy & Internal Areas

  • 1) Are all tenancy shopfronts clean & presentable?

  • 2) Are all tenants trading within their lease lines / licensed areas?

  • 3) Are vacant areas locked, clean and presentable, with leasing signage where appropriate?

  • 4) Are toilet facilities clean & stocked with supplies?

  • 5) Are the Landlord's air conditioning systems operating effectively?

  • 6) Is the general presentation and cleanliness satisfactory?

  • 7) Are all tenancy signs in good condition and illuminated where relevant?

External Areas

  • 1) Are all paths and walkways clean and free of slip/trip hazards?

  • 2) Is car park surface in good condition & free of potholes, slip & trip hazards?

  • 3) Is car park tidy & bollards/speed humps undamaged?

  • 4) Is the CCTV fully operational and recording?

  • 5) Is external signage current, in good condition and illuminated where relevant?

  • 6) Are exterior walls & surfaces clean, in good repair & free of graffiti?

  • 7) Are lighting levels acceptable?

  • 8) Have waste bins been emptied and is rubbish area clean & tidy?

  • 9) Are fences & gates undamaged and free of graffiti?

  • 10) Are gardens & lawns well presented and free from rubbish?

General Notes

  • Please make a note of any issues not already identified in this report.

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