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Colony School Building Assessment


  • Drainage is good?

  • Handrails are provided on steps and in good repair?

  • Building envelope is in good condition?

Fire Prevention

  • Floor plan posted near fire alarm panel and labeled with zones

  • Fire extinguishers serviced annually?

  • Fire alarm system functioning correctly?

  • Fuses, breakers & disconnects are properly marked?

  • Exit paths are clear and uncluttered?

  • No storage in boiler/mechanical room?

  • Exit doors marked with signage and easily opened from the inside?

  • Emergency lights working & tested?


  • Proper use of power bars and extension cords?

  • Disconnects properly labeled?

  • Cover plates installed on plugs & switches? Panel fillers installed on all blanks?

Classroom Spaces

  • Windows are in good condition and free from cracks or breaks?

  • Basement stairs have handrails on at least one side?

  • Flooring is in good condition with no trip hazards?

  • No visible leaks or water staining?

  • No missing ceiling tiles?


  • Non-Colony visitor sign in log?

  • Safety information area for bulletins, WCB 1-2-3 poster, OHS policies etc.

  • A stocked first aid kit is available?

  • There is at least one staff member trained in First Aid?

  • Hour Zero classroom folders in place and contents complete?

  • Fire/evac, shelter-in-place and lockdown drills completed and recorded?

  • Up to date colony layout maps have been provided?

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