Commercial Building Inspection Checklist

Underground/floor Plumbing & Electrical


Pipe grade

Leak test 10’ head

Appropriate fittings

Support, shading of pipe

Conduit size & bends


Distance to property line

Footing size per plan & clean

Steel/mesh per plan

Steel laps & earth clearance

Hold downs in place

Ufer ground (concrete-encased grounding electrode)

Protection of underground pipes

Final compaction report

Special inspections for concrete


Treated sill plate

Another bolt spacing

Hold downs bolted in place

Wall framing size & spacing

Headers per plan

Lateral support of joist & rafters

Trusses per plans

Notching & Boring, studs, joists, beams

Top plate laps

Nail plates & straps

Shear panel location & nailing

Fire blocking at vertical to horizontal

Attic ventilation & access

Stairs rise & run

Safety glazing

Tilt up concrete steel

Pour strip steel

Masonry steel grout lift & cleanouts

Moment framing

High strength bolting

Special inspections for welding, steel, rebar

Fire proofing, masonry, bolting


Leak test for waste piping

Gas pipe fittings, pressure test, size

Trap primers

Piping support & dissimilar metal isolation


Duct support/installation

Return air/supply air/combustion air

Combustion air provided

Vent clearance

Fire dampers in proper location


Temp. Power, GFI, ground rod

Circuit breaker & wire size

Grounding electrode conductor

Grounding electrode conductor

Subpanel ground & neutral isolated

Water Pipe Bonding

Wire/conduit support

Outlets spacing

Switched light/receptacles/dual

Light at exterior door

IC (Insulation Contact) rated cans at insulation areas

T-bar Ceiling

Vertical wires

Lateral forced bracing (splay wires)

Compression braces

Support wires for fixtures

Draft stops


Steel stud gage, spacing/wall bracing

Nailing or screwing

5/8 Type-X at fire walls/corridors

Rated corridors per plan

Area/Occupancy separation per plan

Protection of openings

Placement/material of electrical boxes

Smoke dampers at duct penetrations

Caulking around penetrations

Tile and Floor fire stopping around penetrations


Insulation per plan

Windows/doors/bottom plate caulked

Ventilation holes and Baffles - Not Blocked

Final Inspection

Door rating/hardware/closing device

Hold open device at fire doors

Fire penetrations sealed

Panic Hardware per plan

Smoke detector HVAC supply side

'Door to remain unlocked’ sign

Handicap parking/signage & symbol

Restrooms accessible per plan

Accessible path provided

Stairs/handrail accessible

Counters/check stands accessible

Trash/debris cleaned up

Plumbing hooked up & complete

Cleanouts accessible

Earthquake strap at water heater

Temperature and Pressure for water heater

Seal base of fixtures

Stair railings & handrail

Tempered glass

Roof access ladder

Back flow preventer

Striping on stairs

½” threshold

Sign Off and Approval

Address numbers posted

Approved HazMat form

All required certification

Special inspection reports

Approval from Health Department

Sign off from other department/s

Commercial Building Inspector
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.