Commercial Property Insurance Inspection


  • Is the property’s address clearly visible from the roadway?

  • Is there a trash dumpster on-site?

  • Are there cracks in the pavement that need to be repaired?

  • Is the parking lot properly striped?

  • Is there proper lighting in the parking lot?

  • Are unloading zones clearly marked?

  • Are there designated spots for hybrids/compact cars?

  • Are there wheelchair-accessible ramps leading up to the entrance?

  • Are there handrails leading up to the entrance?

  • Are there any hurdles in front of fire hydrants?

  • Are no-smoking signs posted?

  • Are utility boxes properly marked?

  • Is the property shovelled and/or plowed during the winter?

Building Exterior

  • Are all entrances and exits clearly marked?

  • Is the company’s name clearly visible?

  • Is the building’s roof in good shape?

  • Are windows and doors in need of a washing?

  • Is the exterior siding in good shape?

  • Is the building free of vandalism?

  • Are “No Smoking” signs posted?

  • Are emergency exits clearly marked and free of obstructions?

  • Is there sufficient lighting on the building’s exterior?

  • Is the rooftop elevator penthouse properly ventilated and cleaned regularly?

  • Are there any cracks in the building’s exterior walls?

  • Are combustible materials kept away from the building?

  • Are there signs of weather damage?

  • Is the parking structure properly maintained?

  • Are the gutters free of debris?


  • Landscaping does not interfere with any utility boxes?

  • Are there shade-providing trees on the property?

  • Is an irrigation system in place?

  • Are sprinklers placed far away from walkways?

  • Are planters properly mulched?

  • Is grass mowed weekly?

  • Are mowers/trimmers kept on-site in a locked storage building?

  • Are insecticides regularly applied to plants?

  • Are flower beds weeded regularly?

  • Is grass fertilized regularly?

Electrical Systems

  • Are all electrical boxes, outlets and switches properly covered?

  • Are electrical panels properly covered and latched?

  • Are electrical panels free of obstructions?

  • Are extension cords used for temporary uses only?

  • Do any extension cords run through walls, ceilings or doors?

  • Do all electrical outlets have covers?

  • Is equipment that requires higher voltage plugged into the proper outlets?

  • Are there any frayed wires in the building?

  • Do all outlets located within two metres of sinks and exterior doors include Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)?

  • Is there a lockout procedure in place?

Fire Protection

  • Are there any combustibles stored in the boiler room?

  • Are all smoke alarms functional?

  • Are smoke alarms tested regularly?

  • Is smoking prohibited in the building?

  • Does the building have a sprinkler system?

  • Is the sprinkler system inspected annually?

  • Is all storage at least 45 cm below the sprinklers?

  • Are portable fire extinguishers readily available?

  • Are fire extinguishers inspected regularly?

  • Are fire evacuation diagrams posted throughout the building?

  • Are there “EXIT” signs posted above exterior doors?

  • Are flammable and combustible liquids properly tagged and stored?

  • If smoking is allowed, are smoking areas properly identified?

Heating/Cooling System

  • Is the boiler room kept locked?

  • No combustible objects kept near heaters?

  • Is the building’s thermostat kept at a comfortable temperature?

  • Are filters replaced regularly?

  • Are heating and cooling ducts free of obstructions?

  • Is the heating/cooling system set back when the building is unoccupied?<br>


  • Is trash removed from the building regularly?

  • Are bathrooms cleaned daily?

  • Are windows cleaned regularly?

  • Does the company have a recycling policy?

  • Are refrigerators emptied and cleaned regularly?


  • Are cabinets and containers containing chemicals properly labelled?

  • Are all combustible and flammable liquids stored properly?

  • Are spill-containment materials readily available in case of a spill?

  • Are Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available for hazardous substances?


  • Any additional notes or recommendations


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