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  • Companion Animal Capture

  • Mosman Municipal Council

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INSTRUCTIONS. Scan animal and attempt to contact owner or secondary contact. IMPORTANT: When/if you speak to the owner, state, 'You will be receiving a warning unless you have already received a warning, in which case, you may receive an infringement'. If address is in Mosman, drive there to see if anyone is home to take charge of the animal. Record the name of the person you release the animal to. If unable to make contact, leave message where animal will be impounded with your name and contact number. If you impound the animal at the Cremorne Veterinary Hospital at 73 Spofforth Street, you must fill out the top section in the Impounding Book, sign it and put your name or initials. The operating hours of Cremorne Veterinary Hospital are Monday to Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday 9am-4pm & Sunday 10am-12pm. Their phone number is 9953 1090. If outside of the operating hours, impound the animal at the North Shore Veterinary Specialist Centre at 64 Atchison Street (corner Oxley Street) Crows Nest NSW 2065. Their phone number is 8999 7808. Email DCS Rangers of actions. Complete this form at earliest practicable time, ensuring at least all mandatory fields have been completed, the more fields completed the better. Under the heading, 'Companion Animal Capture', input the address recorded in the Companion Animals Register and one of the following: Impounded or Returned. This becomes the précis in ECM.

  • Location of pickup. (Mandatory).
  • Circumstances of capture. (Mandatory).

  • Details of third party.

  • Explanation.

  • Date and time. (Mandatory).

  • Photos.

  • Microchip number. (Mandatory).

  • Species. (Mandatory).

  • Breed.

  • Please specify.

  • Gender.

  • Colour.

  • Name of animal.

  • Owner's details.

  • Owner contacted? (Mandatory).

  • Where was animal taken? (Mandatory).

  • Where was the animal taken?

  • Name of person released to.

  • Action taken? (Mandatory).

  • What action was taken?

  • Comments.

  • Ranger. (Mandatory).

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