Details of Need

Current Performance: • What is currently happening with performance? What is the employee doing or not doing? [include specific behaviors, results, etc.])

Expected Performance: • What should be happening with performance to meet standards/expectations?

Gap: • Identify the difference between current performance & expected performance

Additional Information

Is the employee aware of what is expected?

What are the goals and expectations (standards)?

Is the employee aware of their own performance?

Provide feedback

Is the employee being held accountable for performing to these expectations?

Indicate the consequences of not meeting the standards.

Is the employee knowledgable, skilled and has the abilities to perform as expected?

What specific skills and competencies will be developed to close the performance gap?

Is the employee motivated?

Identify how the employee can be motivated

List uncontrollable internal or external environmental factors influencing the employee’s performance



Employee (Full Name and Signature)
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