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  • Contact Centre Call Monitoring Checklist

  • Name of Call Handler

  • Date and Time of Call

  • Evaluate the agent with the following categories:


  • Adhered to the corporate greeting script

  • Identified themselves to the customer

  • Mentioned the company name

  • Offered assistance to the customer

Account Verification

  • Verified the customer using the appropriate information (e.g., first and last name, address, date of birth, postcode, etc.)

  • Accurately accessed the customer’s account with the information provided

Contact Information Confirmation

  • Asked for the caller’s telephone number

  • Asked for the caller’s email address

Problem-Solving Abilities

  • Apologized for the issue and inconvenience of the problem

  • Took ownership of the problem

  • Asked pertinent questions to accurately diagnose the problem

  • Used appropriate resources to address the issue

  • Provided the most appropriate solution

  • Informed the customer of the estimated timeline to resolve their issue

  • Provided an appointment to the customer

  • Sufficiently addressed the customer’s issue

Protocol Compliance

  • Documented important information in the notes of the call

  • Has the agent checked UDC's

  • Thirty Party

  • Gas Service prompts

  • Repair history

Call Handling Skills

  • Followed correct procedures for placing the customer on hold

  • Followed correct procedures for transferring the call

  • Followed correct procedures for escalating a call to their manager

Customer Service Quality

  • Used the customer's name throughout the call

  • Summarized the customer’s main points before troubleshooting or offering a solution

  • Received the caller’s permission to place them on hold before doing so

  • Limited the duration of hold time to an appropriate amount

  • Answered the customer’s question correctly

  • Transferred the call to a colleague when necessary

  • Adequately addressed the caller’s needs

  • Transferred the call to a manager when the customer requested for them to do so

Call Center Etiquette

  • Used the proper pronunciation of the customer’s name

  • Maintained proper tone, pitch, volume and pace throughout the call

  • Adapted their approach to providing service to the customer based on the customer’s unique needs, personality and issues

  • Avoided long silences during the call

  • Did not interrupt or talk over the customer

  • Remained confident throughout the call

  • Refrained from using complicated jargon

  • Was friendly, polite and professional

  • Used effective active listening skills

Identifying customer vulnerabilities

  • Did the agent understand or identify customer vulnerabilities


  • Adhered to the call closure script

  • Set a follow-up when necessary

  • Asked the customer if there is anything else they can do to help

  • Thanked the customer for calling


  • Followed up with the customer within the agreed upon timeframe

  • Introduced themselves to the customer and the reason for their call

  • Adequately addressed the customer’s questions

  • Adequately resolved the customer’s issue, or provided a timeframe for resolution


  • Observations / Recommendations

  • Full Name and Signature of Team Leader

  • Full Name and Signature of Employee

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