Meeting Room Equipment Checklist


Confirm availability and functionality of the following items.


Polycom Speakers/Micrphones

Screens for projectors

Digital Visual Projector

Computer/Chrome Box

Keyboard and Mouse

Video Conferencing System

Auxiliary equipment such as laser pointers

Adequate lighting

Facilities and Contingency

Computer connections working?

Room has working wifi?

Electrical power is sufficient?

Built-in sound system is working?

Is the room sound-proof?

Is the ceiling height adequate for projectors?

Is remote light control capability available?

Can windows be covered with shades, blinds, or curtains?

Can additional equipment be provided if needed?

Is there available support in case of equipment malfunction?

Is security provided to ensure that equipment does not go missing or is stolen?

Does the office have an alarm system, CCTV surveillance, and a fire alarm?

Is there a designated person responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment? (State who)

Can the meeting room be accessed prior to the meeting for setup?

Full name and signature of meeting organizer