23.11. Confined Spaces Checklist.

23.11.1. Has the commander and/or functional manager developed and implemented a written
confined space program? Reference 23.2.7

23.11.2. Does the commander and/or functional manager ensure personnel who support the permitrequired
confined space program are properly trained, equipped and qualified? Reference23.2.7.2)

23.11.3. Does the commander and/or functional manager ensure required equipment is available and
properly maintained? Reference

23.11.4. Does the commander and/or functional manager maintain a current list of all confined
spaces, both permit-required and non-permit, under the control of their organization? Reference

23.11.5. Does the entry supervisor have a copy of the MEP? Reference

23.11.6. Prior to the start of entry operations, does the entry supervisor ensure workers are properly
trained and qualified in safe operating, emergency and egress procedures, and the use of PPE?

23.11.7. Prior to allowing entry to the confined space, does the entry supervisor brief workers on the
hazards of the operation? Reference

23.11.8. Does the confined space attendant maintain an accurate account of all entrants by name and
time in and out of the permit-required space? Reference

23.11.9. Does the attendant maintain continuous communication with all authorized entrants within
the permit-required space via the most viable means of communication? Reference

23.11.10. Does the attendant ensure unauthorized persons are not allowed in the permit-required
space? Reference

23.11.11. As appropriate, does the confined space entrant notify the entry supervisor when hazards
existed that had not been previously identified? Reference

23.11.12. Does the commander or functional manager identify all confined spaces within their
organization, located both on and off the installation? Reference 23.3.2

23.11.13. Do functional managers and entry supervisors ensure the organization‘s confined spaces
are evaluated and tested prior to being classified? Reference 23.3.2

23.11.14. Is initial testing of confined spaces accomplished by a technically qualified member of the
installation CSPT prior to the space being classified? Reference 23.3.3

23.11.15. Are danger signs posted at permit-required confined spaces, as appropriate? Reference

23.11.16. Does the entry supervisor establish a frequency for atmospheric monitoring and the type of
tests to monitor the tests, and ensures the requirements were entered on the MEP and entry permit?
Reference 23.3.9

23.11.17. Does the entry supervisor ensure workers obtain an AF Form 1024, Confined Spaces
Entry Permit, prior to entering a permit-required confined space? Reference 23.5.1

23.11.18. Are entry permits, including those canceled or revoked, retained on file for one year?

23.11.19. Does the entry supervisor ensure entry into known IDLH spaces are only authorized after
the required conditions for IDLH are met? Reference 23.5.3

23.11.20. Does the entry supervisor ensure workers entering IDLH spaces are equipped with proper
PPE, including a positive pressure SCBA and a harness of a type suitable to permit extraction of the
worker? Reference

23.11.21. Does the entry supervisor ensure only explosion-proof or intrinsically safe equipment is
used when flammable or explosive atmospheres are present for IDLH operations? Reference

23.11.22. Does the entry supervisor ensure a qualified FES Flight specialist is present during all
IDLH space operations? Reference

23.11.23. When additional hazards are present or may be introduced in a permit-required operation,
does the entry supervisor ensure the hazards are adequately addressed on the entry permit?

23.11.24. When toxic materials are present or may be introduced in a permit-required operation,
does the entry supervisor contact BE to determine the necessity for respiratory protection
equipment? Reference

23.11.25. Does the organization have a MEP, as appropriate? Reference

23.11.26. Are entry permits revoked whenever any testing in the space is not within established
parameters in the MEP? Reference

23.11.27. Is an AF Form 592, USAF Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Permit, obtained by workers
prior to performing hot riveting, welding, cutting, burning or heating operations within a confined
space? Reference 23.5.5

23.11.28. Does the commander or functional manager ensure non-permit required confined spaces
are reviewed periodically (but no less than annually)? Reference

23.11.29. Does the MEP include emergency and rescue procedures consistent with the nature of each
operation that requires entry into a permit-required confined space? Reference 23.6.1

23.11.30. Does the entry supervisor ensure an organization rescue team is available when the
installation FES Flight is unable to provide a team? Reference

23.11.31. Does the entry supervisor ensure all members of the rescue team is trained and current in
CPR and basic first aid during permit-required confined space entry operations? Reference

23.11.32. Does the entry supervisor ensure the inspection, testing, maintenance and documentation
of safety and rescue equipment are accomplished prior to an operation being performed? Reference

23.11.33. Does the organization have an effective training program that incorporates safe work
practices and techniques? Reference 23.7.1

23.11.34. Does the organization ensure each member assigned permit-required confined space duties
is trained prior to being assigned? Reference

23.11.35. Does the organization ensure all individuals authorized and assigned permit-required
confined space entry duties complete site-specific training? Reference 23.7.2

23.11.36. Do all rescue team members receive initial and annual hands-on training in removing
simulated victims from actual or representative confined spaces? Reference

23.11.37. Does the installation CSPT periodically review and assess the rescue team training?
Reference 23.7.5

23.11.38. Is confined space training documented on an AF IMT 55, Employee Safety and Health
Record, or an authorized computerized information management system? Reference 23.7.5

23.11.39. Does the organization ensure all of the requirements are met prior to a contractor
performing work that involves a permit-required confined space entry? Reference 23.8.1

23.11.40. Does the organization coordinate entry operations and procedures with the contractor prior
to both organizational and contractor personnel working in a permit-required confined space?
Reference 23.8.2)

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.