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This form shall be utilized for inspections of the site WHS, Environmental, and Quality Assurance status of the work site. This inspection will be conducted by the Site Manager or delegate and Representatives from Sub-Contractor work groups where applicable.
Condition Codes:
C = Conforming,
PC = Partial Conformance,
NC = Non-Conforming,
NA = Not Applicable


Bins emptied regularly

Site Offices clean & tidy

Kitchen / Tea room area clean & tidy

Notice boards in place & used

Adequate drinking water

Toilets clean & tidy, hand wash / toilet paper available

Storage of materials

Refuse / Scrap removed

Correct stacking of materials

Barricading erected / maintained

Tools and equipment correctly stored

Signs, flagging & bunting erected / maintained

Sharp objects capped i.e. star pickets / rio bar

Work benches clean & tidy ☐

Faulty tools and equipment placed in quarantine


Adequate/ suitable PPE for task

Emergency siren tested and working correctly

WHS registers reviewed & amended i.e. SWMS / Permits

Fire extinguishers tagged and in date / register up to date

First aid kits stocked and in prominent position

SDS’s reviewed / registers up to date

Tools and Equipment

Tools and equipment correctly stored

Electrical equipment tested and tagged / register up to date

Lifting equipment tested and tagged / register up to date

Ladders in good condition / register up to date

Operational and in good condition

Faulty tools and equipment placed in quarantine


Any mechanical plant parked in drip-lines of trees

Are plant and machinery leaks evident?

Are they being suitably dealt with

Are sediment and erosion control measures being maintained?

Are water drainage measures being maintained

Is the concrete washout suitable and working effectively

Are dust and air quality control measures being maintained

Are solid/liquid wastes being managed appropriately

Any new areas of cultural significance discovered

Are chemicals suitably bunded, stored and labelled

Is the site chemical spill kit accessible and stocked

Mobile Plant

Operator competencies verified

Kept Clean, including EWP

Daily pre start inspection checklist completed by operator

Safety devices operational - seat belts / fire extinguishers / reverse beeper / machine guards.

Mobile plant inspections complete for all plant on site

Permit to Work / SWMS

Permits in place as required

Permit conditions adhered to

Permit understood by relevant persons

Permit within expiry date

Permit available at location of works

SWMS completed for High Risk Tasks

Approved SWMS in place

SWMS reflect the task in progress

Personal signed onto correct SWMS


Are IFC drawings identified and controlled as required

Are IFC drawings current / drawing register up to date

Are transmittals received and scanned

Are CPP's QA documents including ITC/ITP'S completed, checked, signed off, filed appropriately

Are Sub-Contractors QA documents including ITC/ITP'S completed, checked, signed off, filed appropriately

Have defective or non-conforming plant, equipment or materials been isolated and labelled 'out of service' or 'quarantine'?


General Comments/Findings

Co Representative: (Full Name and Signature)
CPP Person Conducting Inspection: (Full Name and Signature)
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.