• Job Site

  • Date and Time

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Job Description

  • Job Name

  • Job No.

Weather Information

  • Weather Report

  • Temperature
  • Winds (MPH)

  • Precipitation AM

  • Enter Inches

  • Precipitation PM

  • Enter Inches

Job Workforce

  • Enter Workforce

  • Crew
  • Title

  • No. of Crew

  • Total No. of Hrs

  • Enter Subcontractor Manpower

  • Subcontractor
  • Name of Subcontractor

  • No. of Crew

  • Total No. of Hrs

Daily Activities

  • Describe the Daily Activities and Phase of the Project

  • Photo/s

More Information

  • Was worked delayed for any reason?

  • Describe reason why

  • Was stoppage order in writing?

  • Describe reason why

  • Were verbal instructions recieved?

  • Describe

  • Has the directions been put in writing?

  • Has any verbal or written direction been given to a Subcontractor?

  • Describe

  • Has the directions been put in writing?

  • Were any field work orders received or implemented today?

  • Describe or List

  • Was any Subcontractor scheduled to start or material to arrive but didn't appear?

  • Describe or List

  • Were you required to do any extra work?

  • Was it authorized in writing?

  • Should it be backcharged?

  • To whom & why?


  • Was a job site inspection performed today?

  • Were there any job site hazards observed or incidents that occured today?

  • Give detailed account

  • Photo/s

  • Are all Subcontractors compliant to THG Safety Management Program?

  • Describe


  • Was any QA/QC inspections done today?

  • List Report and Report No.

Visitor Information

  • Was there any visitors today?

  • List Names


  • Foreman or Site Supervisor: Name and Signature

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