• Is site clean and orderly?

  • Nothing Hits the Deck in place?

  • Material on Carts enforced?

  • Material staged properly?

  • Trash and Debris managed?


  • PPE use per site plan/AHA?

  • High Vis outerwear used?

  • Respirators used per site plan?

  • Hearing protection as required?

  • 100% safety glasses in use?

  • Gloves used as required?

3) Ladders

  • Correct type and size used?

  • Ladders secured as required?

  • Step ladders used properly?

  • Ext ladders used properly?

  • 3 or > rungs above for access?

  • Job site ladder per code?

Aerial Lifts

  • Qualified operators only?

  • Lifts inspected prior to use?

  • Gates and Chains closed when in use?

  • No standing or climbing on rails?

  • Scissor lift used on flat level surface?

  • Fall protection used?

Traffic / Pedestrian Controls

  • TMP in place?

  • TMP Supervisor on site at all times?

  • Designated public access ways?

  • Signage in place and effective?

  • Barricades and fencing in place and effective?

  • Flaggers and spotters as required?

  • All material inside


  • Cord Management in place

  • Cords protected from damage?

  • 100% GFI protection in place?

  • LOTO procedures as required?

  • Energized panels have covers an breakers are labeled?

Access / Egress

  • Designated public access ways?

  • Access signage in place and effective?

  • Access free of trip or other hazards?

  • Stair rails @ 30 in height or 4 risers?

  • Stairs when elevation changes> 19"?

  • Ramps at least 18" wide and secured?

Fire Control

  • Sufficient fire extinguishers on site and in working order?

  • Emergency exit routes established?

  • Combustibles debris removed daily?

  • Flammables in metal cans and stored in Flame Locker?


  • Access and egress well lit?

  • Task lighting as needed?

  • Lighting cover / guards in place and single power source?

  • Cords grounded - GFI's

  • Emergency lighting in place?


  • Grinders have guards in place?

  • Portable and table saws have guards in place?

  • Pneumatic tools hoses secured?

  • Proper tool for job being used?

  • Compressed gas cylinders secured upright with caps?

Fall Protection

  • Working / walking surfaces , form work / rebar and all other fall hazards > 4' guarded and protected?

  • Roofs / leading edges above 4' controlled or guarded?

  • All fall protection gear properly used by trained employee?

  • Wall openings / floor holes covered or guarded?

  • Guard rails (42"+/- 3") with mid-rail and toe boards in place?

  • Cable guard rails are taught with less than 3" of deflection?


  • Qualified operators only-documented training?

  • Inspected daily with documented inspection checklist?

  • Forklift and attachments used properly per design?

  • No loads rigged under forks or to mast?

  • Loads properly secured / carried?

  • Operator demonstrates safe operating skills?


  • Air Quality / dust controlled?

  • No health hazard 3 or > on site

  • Noise exposures controlled and at an acceptable level?

  • No run-off from site present in public areas?

  • Applicable number / type of spill kits available?

  • Work adjacent to occupied space evaluated


  • Qualified operators only with documented certs?

  • Cranes certifications verified?

  • Inspected daily-inspection log maintained?

  • All operational hazards identified and controlled?

  • Qualified riggers assigned and rigging inspected?

  • Critical lift / Pre-lifts meeting when required?

Work Platforms

  • Platforms fully planked (min 36")

  • Safe access to platforms in place?

  • 100% guard rails including end returns?

  • Control zones / falling object protection?

  • Platform fully supported and correctly erected?

  • Fall protection for assembly disassembly?

Confined Space

  • Permit required / issued / checked?

  • Air monitoring required and in place?

  • Rescue plan and equipment in place?

  • Proper lighting and ventilation established

  • All space entrants have harnesses on?

Trenching and excavations

  • Cave in protection system / design when 4' deep or >

  • Soil spoils are greater than 2' from excavation?

  • Inspected daily when workers in trench / excavation?

  • Safe access provided - ladders every 25'?

  • Fall protection / control zones when >4 ' deep?

  • Standing water and other hazards controlled?

Demolition Work

  • Dust / environmental conditions controlled?

  • No in identified or suspect material?

  • Identified energized and no-demo utilities?

  • PPE - cut resistant gloves / sleeves used?

  • Debris control / removal means in place?


  • Scaffolding erected per manufacturers design?

  • Safe access on and off scaffolds?

  • Qualified scaffold users and electors?

  • Daily inspections performed / logs maintained?

  • Control zones under scaffolding as required?

  • Guard rails in place on scaffolding above 4' ?

Hot work

  • City / jurisdiction permit current and on file?

  • Sellen Burn permit issued and signed?

  • Fire watch protocols established and in place?

  • Areas of hot work / spark travel inspected?

  • Gas cylinders and torches properly used and secured?

Subcontractor Evaluation (evaluate a subcontractors safety performance)

  • Company Name?

  • Is the company's safety plan in place and effective?

  • Does the company attend and participate in the daily huddle and site prep?

General Notes

  • General Notes

Corrective Actions Required

  • Enter any corrective actions that will be undertaken

Corrective actions carried over from previous inspections / not completed?

  • Enter any corrective actions from previous inspection, who it was assigned to and completion date

Personnel Present During Inspection

Sign Off

  • Site Safety Coordinator Signature

  • Superintendent Signature

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