• Is the fence in good repair ?

  • Are designated entrances in place for the trades and vehicles ?

  • Are flag persons in place with PPE for vehicles entering and exiting the site and protecting pedestrians ?

  • Are construction sign in place in English and Spanish ?


  • Are hard hats worn by workers ?

  • Proper foot wear worn by workers ?

  • Are trades wearing reflective vest around heavy equipment and vehicle traffic ?

  • Eye protection worn when required ?

  • Proper PPE worn during torch use ?

  • Are trades using hand protection for at risk task ?


  • Are guardrails in good repair at the leading edge ?

  • Was fall protection training provide to the workers by their employer ?

  • Are workers properly wearing and using PFA (harness) and is it properly installed ?

  • Housekeeping maintained ?

  • Does extension ladders extend 3'-0" above the access point and is it secure and on a 1:4 angle ?

  • Are extension and A frame ladders in good repair and properly used ?

  • Are A frame ladders full opened and resting on a secure even surface ?

  • Are worker using 3 point contact while ascending and descending the ladder ?


  • Are temporary and exisitng power lines protected ?

  • Are GFCI's used for power tools and electrical equipment ?

  • Are guards in place on the power tools

  • Are electrical power panels covers in place ?

  • Are Lock Out/Tag Out procedures in use ?

  • Are extension cords in good repair and protected by a GFCI ?


  • Are PE designed drawings in place for supported/suspended scaffolding?

  • Does the installation matches the drawing?

  • Is the scaffolding in good repair?

  • Competent Person identified?

  • Are daily inspection being performed prior to the scaffold use?

  • Are access points (ladders, stairs, ramp) in place ?

  • Are workers properly wearing and using PFA (harness) and is it properly installed ?


  • Are fire extinguishers in place for general fire protection and inspected ?

  • Are fire extinguisher in place for hot works ?

  • Flammable & combustible materials removed from hot works area ?

  • Are warning sign in place for fuel storage?

  • Is spill containment and clean up materials in place?

  • Are welding blankets or screens used during torch and/or arc welding use ?


  • Is there a copy of the annual inspection in the cab ?

  • Are inspections being performed on the equipment ?

  • Are the windshields and side windows in good repair ?

  • Are the side and rear view mirrors in good repair ?

  • Are reverse alarms in good repair ?

  • Is the horn in good repair?

  • Are tires in good repair ?


  • Are proper manual lifting methods used for lifting materials ?

  • Are material handling equipment used for materials ?

  • Has a JHA been prepared and approved for the rigging of materials and/or equipment ?

  • Are rigging inspections being performed ?

  • Has a control access zone with signs been established ?


  • Are the building permits valid ?

  • Are contractor safety plans in place ?

  • Did the contractors provide a JHA for their construction activities ?

  • Does the contractors HazCom safety plan meet OSHA new GHS standards?

  • Is there a list of designated contractor competent persons ?

  • Are safety/ safety comittee meeting being held ?

  • Are contractors toolbox safety meeting up to date ?

  • Are accident/incident reports on site ?

  • Did any accident occurred this quarter ? How many and where they lost time or recordable ?

  • Did any near misses occurred this quarter ?

  • Did the project receive any citations/violations ?

Safety Champions

  • Are project team members participating in the contractors safety meetings?

  • Are safety observations/walk through being performed by the project team?

  • Are project team members reviewing the contractors JHA?

  • Was a safety incentive award presented during this visit ? What's was the task/behavior recognized?

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