• Contracts Manager

  • Copied to


  • Built to specification

  • Hoarding licence displayed

  • Signage

  • Client branding presentable

  • Is the hoarding stable and secure

  • Maintenance and presentation

Loading Bay / Zone

  • Banksman for reversing deliveries

  • Vehicles separated from pedestrians / public

  • Fire point

  • Temp storage area

  • Clean and tidy

  • Adequate signage

Site Access & Egress

  • Clearly identified

  • Safe and secure

  • Sign in sheets / Access control report

  • Required signage

  • Clear of materials and hazards

  • As per Logistics and Fire drawings

  • Safe access to welfare and offices

Welfare & Accommodation

  • As required by law

  • As per Logistics plan

  • Segregated from work area

Site Offices

  • Clean and tidy

  • Statutory signage

  • Tea making area

  • Facilities monitoring form

Drying Room

  • Clean and tidy

  • Heating

  • Seating / hooks / lockers

  • Privacy

  • Facilities monitoring form


  • Clean and tidy

  • Drinking water

  • Fridge, microwave, kettle

  • Seating

  • Separated from work area

  • Signage

  • Facilities monitoring form

Site toilets

  • Clean and tidy

  • Ladies toilet available

  • Warm water

  • Supplies (hand soap/paper)

  • Suitable for number of operatives

  • Mirror

  • Facilities monitoring form

Waste Management - General Waste

  • Bins and/or skips provided

  • Stored in bins

  • Segregation of waste

  • Disposed of on a regular basis

Waste Management - Hazardous Waste

  • Drums provided

  • Segregation of waste

  • Correct forms used

  • Certification for removal

  • Dry area allocated for hazardous materials

COSHH Storage

  • LPG stored in the lockable cage

  • Gas and O2 kept 3m apart in storage

  • Correct disposal of hazardous materials

  • Flammable liquids stored safely

  • Signs and fire points

  • Spill kit


  • Dust Control

  • Water control

  • Noise control

Housekeeping and Storage

  • Clean and tidy

  • Good access to materials

  • Good access to work areas

  • Managed storage areas

  • Pallets used


  • Signs required by law

  • Directional signage

  • Information signage

  • Prohibitive signage

  • Hazard signage

  • Signs checked and updated weekly

  • Displayed level and clean

  • Damaged signs replaced


  • Disclaimer form signed

  • Pre-works picture survey

  • Correct choice of material

  • Quality of protection

  • Maintenance

Temporary Electrics

  • Cable management

  • Visual checks for damage

  • Electricity boards locked at all times

  • Faults reported to PC


  • Emergency lighting

  • Temporary lighting

  • Faults reported to PC

Working Platforms - Mobile Towers and Podiums

  • Safe to use

  • Scaff tags available

  • Scaff tags updated every 7 days

Working Platforms - Scaffold

  • Safe to use

  • Scaff tags available

  • Scaff tags updated every 7 days

Edge protection

  • Safe to use

  • Checked weekly

Trip Hazards

  • Removed if possible

  • Highlight unrecoverable hazards

  • Signage displayed to identify it

Plant and Machinery

  • Safe use of plant and machinery

  • Operated by trained operatives only

  • Reporting issues or damages to PC

  • Lifting equipment checked and recorded

  • Safe use of abrasive wheels

Site Radios - At delivery

  • Correct number of items

  • Checked and record damages

  • Serial number allocated to each person

  • Weekly checks and reports

Site Radios - At return

  • Correct number of items

  • Checked and record damages

  • Issues reported to Contracts Manager


  • Required PPE worn by all operatives

  • PPE being worn correctly

  • Spare PPE for LL in site toolbox

  • Visitors PPE available and managed

Delivery Management

  • DMS used

  • Awareness of Logistics/Fire Plan

  • Booking deliveries

  • Management of deliveries

  • Daily reports produced

Contra-charge System

  • Daily C.A.R. notes and pictures

  • Actioned C.A.R.'s copied to client

Fire Warden duties - Fire Points

  • Location as per fire plan

  • Inspection date within 12 months

  • Bell or alarm in place

  • Signage Displayed

  • Correct number of fire points

  • Muster point (clearly identified)

  • Duties in case of emergency

Fire Warden duties - Fire Exits

  • Clear

  • Signage in place

  • Monitored at least 3 times a day

Fire Warden duties - Smoke Detectors

  • Isolations/Re-instatements

  • Covers

  • Designated smoking area

First Aid

  • First aid kit displayed for easy access

  • First aid kit refilled (weekly checks)

  • Reports must be done and issued to PC

  • Eye wash available

Level of Knowledge

  • Site daily activities

  • Risk management

  • Health & Safety issues

Our presentation

  • Hats and Hi-vis

  • Leaner t-shirts & sweatshirts

  • Cleanliness

Paperwork - Site Inductions

  • Register

  • Induction form made site specific

  • Forms completed by all employees

  • Copies issued to office

Paperwork - MSRA

  • All relevant MSRA issued to client

  • Register completed

  • Site specific

  • Relevant RA's attached

  • Relevant COSHH Assessments attached

  • Relevant Manual Handling Assessments attached

  • Lifting Plan

  • Signed by supervisor

  • Confirmation signed by relevant operatives

  • MSRA Approved

  • Additional RA's signed

  • Additional COSHH Assessments signed

  • Additional annexe approved

  • Additions register completed

Paperwork - Noise assessments

  • Noise assessments site specific

  • Signed by relevant employees

  • Issued to client

Paperwork - Accident procedure

  • Forms and procedure available

  • Accidents recorded and faxed

  • Records of accident issued to client

  • Accident procedure closed out

Paperwork - Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS)

  • HAVS Assessments site specific

  • Signed by relevant employees

Paperwork - Training Certificates

  • Matrix for training kept onsite

  • CSCS

  • Other certs

  • Matrix updated with certs from site

Paperwork - H&S Auditing and inspections

  • Supervisor's H&S Inspection (weekly)

  • Contract Manager's fortnightly

  • LL Actions for previous audits actioned

  • BMOS

  • YellowJacket used

  • 3rd party audit

Paperwork - Permits

  • Hot works permit

  • Use of steps permit

  • Other permits

  • Signed off at the end of the shift

Paperwork - Toolbox Talks

  • Register

  • Correct choice of toolbox talks

  • Signed by all employees

  • Carried out weekly

  • Issued to client


  • Small plant & tools

  • Electrical equipment

  • PAT testing (LLL) and hired equipment

  • Harness inspection

  • Mobile towers and podiums (weekly)

  • Fire point checklist (weekly)

  • Weekly hoist inspection

  • Beam hoist load check

  • Lifting equipment and accessories

  • Mobile crane and HIAB checklist

  • Forklift inspection

Waste Paperwork

  • LL Waste and Delivery Notes

  • Waste Notes and Certs

  • Waste Monitoring Audit completed

Plant and Equipment Paperwork

  • Toolbox Register

  • Spare Key for the office

  • Toolkit Number

  • Toolkit Number corresponds with toolkit log

  • Security of all plant and equipment

  • Maintenance

  • Plant requisition forms

Plant and Equipment Paperwork - At Delivery

  • Correct no. of items

  • Checked and recorded any damages

Plant and Equipment Paperwork - At Return

  • Correct no. of items

  • Checked and recorded any damages

  • Issues reported to Contracts Manager

Plant and Equipment Paperwork - Hire and Off-hire Log

  • Issued to client weekly

  • Cross-checked with hire log

  • Hire to Sale items

Pay Awareness

  • Basic hours

  • Overtime hours

  • Pay rate

  • V&G system

  • PAYE and CIS

  • Info available

Paperwork - Staff

  • Copies of ID

  • Passport and visas

  • NI Numbers

  • Supervisor CV and photo on record

Paperwork - Timesheets

  • Problems with timesheets sorted

  • Unsigned timesheets

Paperwork - Allocation Sheets

  • Up to date

  • In detail

  • Issued to client weekly

Complaints system

  • Awareness

  • Process

Logistics Manager's actions

  • Reported accidents (copy required)

  • HSEQ plan

  • Actions from previous Audits revisited

  • Valuation meeting with FM and CM

  • Feedback forms

  • Info RE: operatives onsite from client

  • LL contact details (as per contacts list)

  • Completion date

  • Walk-round with Ganger

  • LL Security Procedure


  • Comments:


  • List the observation exactly as it should be reported on Yellow Jacket. Good Practice is now known as 'satisfactory observations', issues are now known as 'unsatisfactory observations'. An unsatisfactory observation requires an action to be allocated to the relevant subcontractor and a responsible person within that organisation to be selected.
    Please list a location for the issue (eg: loading bay, level 4 lift lobby, etc) within the summary.

  • Add an observation

  • Observation
  • Summary

  • Good Practice

  • Action

  • Subcontractor Responsible

  • Employee the action should be allocated too (employed by above subcontractor)


  • Contract Manager's Signature

  • Supervisor's Signature

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