Title Page

  • Contractor:

  • Site Name:

  • Contractor Representative:

  • Contact Number:

  • Network Rail Representative:

  • Date:

  • ELR & Location:

  • Mileage From:

  • Mileage To:

  • Trackside:

Site Inspection:

  • If “No” to any of the below, snags to be recorded in the notes below each question with photos.

  • 1. Has all vegetation work been completed as scoping document?

  • 2. Have all arisings been chipped and spread to a depth no greater than 100mm and in a position such that they will not pose future problems with cess / drain / ballast contamination /site access?

  • 3. Has all unchipped timber been removed from site and chipping not left on steep cuttings?

  • 4. Where permission has been given to retain timber on site, is the timber stacked / banded / left in a secure manner in staggered piles < 1m high, < 2m long, > 6.5m from the running rail, > 2m from other railway assets / boundary, and on level ground?

  • 5. Where permission has been given to retain windrowed branches on site, is brash stacked in a secure manner and left correctly in staggered piles < 1.5m high, < 1.5m wide, < 10m long, > 6.5m from the running rail, > 2m from other railway assets / boundary, and on level ground?

  • 6. If fencing has been removed / cut to gain access, has it been repaired / replaced to the correct specification? (Use fencing snag sheet if necessary)

  • 7. Have all stumps been cut to correct height < 75mm, left level, chamfered if appropriate, and treated with chemical herbicide (and blue dye) and use of chemical recorded on the TEF3069 (blank form to be issued and on completion returned to NR)?

  • 8. Have pruning cuts been performed to BS3998?

  • 9. Have trees been left in a balanced state?

  • 10. Has the contractor submitted a list of addresses where pre-notification letters were delivered?

  • 11. Has the site been left clean and tidy?

  • 12. If arisings have been left on 3rd party land, has evidence of relevant permission been provided?

  • 13. If work has occurred on 3rd party trees, has evidence of relevant permission been provided?

To be completed by contractor:

  • Have all snags above been rectified?

  • If “No”, why?

  • Signature & Date:

To be completed by Network Rail Representative:

  • Are you satisfied that to the best of your knowledge, the above works have been completed, including snagging items, and all relevant documentation such as weed spraying chemical application (TEF3069), consent forms, copies of environmental licenses, etc. have been handed over by the contractor?

  • If “No”, why? & add comments (copy to be returned to contractor, NR commercial assistant, and original kept with SM(OT))

  • Signature & Date:

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