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Site Conditions

  • Interpretive and directional signage to be monitored for damage, fading and vandalism.

  • Signs

  • Actions:

  • Infrastructure Includes: deckings, handrails, bollards, pylons, ladders, lights, concrete ramps, bins, dog dispensers, fencing and boat fenders.

    If a risk is evident, the furniture is to be made safe and the Community Facilities Coordinator is notified within 24 hours.

    Infrastructure is to be available to the public in a clean condition.

  • Infrastructure

  • Actions:

  • Spraying of weeds with a herbicide or hand pulled on hard surface areas and surrounding infrastructure when visual at 10 meters.

    Inspector to identify any declared pest plants.

  • Weeds

  • Action:

  • Grass to be brush cut around structures to maintain a level of no higher than 150mm.

  • Grass

  • Action:

  • A visual inspection of surrounding banks for indications of erosion that could lead to long term asset failures.

    Please note down if reeds, sand and silt is beginning to build up in and around watercourse.

  • Erosion

  • Action:

  • Regular litter clearance and dead fish is carried out weekly from October to April and monthly from May to September.

    Remove foreign debris and blow down structures.

  • Litter

  • Action:

  • Pavements and lead tracks to boat ramps and jetties are clear of debris and hazards identified.

  • Car Parks

  • Action:

  • Trees and shrubs to be trimmed back 250mm from infrastructure and access areas.

  • Vegetation

  • Action:


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