Personal Minimums worksheet

General Flight Experience

Have you completed a Flight Experience worksheet in the past 90 days?

Years actively Flying?

Certificate Held

Time in Type

Cirrus Time in last 90 Days

Cirrus Landings in the last 90 Days

Enter your Flight Proficiency Category (1 equals lowest proficiency, 3 equals highest proficiency)

Accident or incident on preceding 90 Days?

Instrument Flight Experience

I have completed an instrument proficiency assessment within 90 days?

Enter your Instrument Proficiency Category (1 equals lowest proficiency, 3 equals highest proficiency)

Years Flying IFR

Hours Flown IFR in previous 90 Days

Simulated or Actual Instrument hours in Last 90 days

Hand Flown Approaches within previous 90 Days

Coupled Approaches in the previous 90 Days

Proposed flight

General Flight informattion

Flight Rules for this Flight

View Flight Planning Websites?

COPA weather planning resource

Graphical Weather Forecast

Ceiling Forecast - This opens a webpage that can provide graphical depictions of forecast ceilings. Select "open link" and select "Ceiling/Sky Cover" from the list. The drop down menu offers several options. Consider looking at the "Ceiling Height (Cat)" option and examine the graphics for your proposed time and date

Click link to look at forecast winds, precipitation and clouds

NOTAM Retrieval page

Area forecast Discussion-
Note: advanced content

Link to SkewT/Log P web page

Pilot Factors

Pilot is Proficient for expected weather

Describe mitigation plan

Pilot fitness for flight

Duty Hours

Aircraft Factors

Aircraft is equipped and appropriate for conditions likely to be encountered. Including Density Altitude, Icing and runway lengths

Aircraft is in good shape with no airworthiness issues?


Is the flight during the day?

Ceilings at departure airport

Forecast Ceilings at Destination

Complexity of flight plan and Airspace.
(Use Slider to Estimate impact on flight risk)
Terrain complexity, unfamiliar terrain concerns or Density altitude factor
Departure or arrival runway length issues
Potential Crosswind component

Convective activity on route

Do you have onboard weather?

Consider NO GO

Degree to which deviations are likely to be required

Is Icing in the Forecast?

Is airplane FIKI equipped and are you trained to use it?


External Pressures

Importance of mission

Nervous or distracting passenger

Self imposed pressure

External Pressures

Additional Factors and Risk Mitigation Strategies

Other risk factor

Additional Factor

Additional risk

Impact on Safety

Mitigation Possible

Explain Mitigation for this risk

Plan to take an instructor or experienced pilot.