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  • Corning-Pharma Vineland
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  • Does the contractor have a Health & Safety Program on site?

  • Is the SDS readily available to all workers?

  • Are emergency numbers posted for all workers?

  • Have they performed and documented toolbox talks according to Corning standard?

  • Have work areas been barricaded and proper signage placed?

  • Was the Safe Work Permit Completed?

  • Does the Master JSA cover all listed tasks on the Safe Work Permit?

  • Do workers know security's number?

  • Are there any additional permits being filled out?

  • Were the additional permits filled out accurately and completely?


  • Are hardhats being worn?

  • Have they expired?

  • Are they the right type of hardhat?

  • Are they being worn properly?

  • Are safety glasses being worn?

  • Are they ANSI Z87.1 rated?

  • Is Hi-Vis vests/shirts being worn?

  • If motorized equipment is being used, are there retro-reflective stripes on the Hi-Vis gear?

  • Are all workers wearing steel/composite toe boots?

  • Are gloves, armguards, aprons, leg guards, etc. in use when required?

  • Is hearing protection being worn when necessary?


  • Is the work area neat?

  • Waste containers used?

  • Are they properly labeled?

  • Are passageways/walkways kept clear?

  • Are materials properly stored and/or stacked?


  • Are ladders being used?

  • Do extension ladders extend 36 inches past the landing?

  • Are ladders secured to prevent slipping, sliding, or falling?

  • Are stepladders used in fully open position?

  • Are the ladders being used in a safe manner? (3-points of contact, belt buckle rule, not on top 2 rungs)

Trenches & Excavations

  • Is digging beyond 2 inches occurring on site?

  • Is there a valid 811 ticket?

  • Has an excavation permit been filled out?

  • Are spoil piles kept 2 feet away from excavation?

  • Access/Egress provided every 25 feet when below 4 feet?

  • Is cave-in protective system being used beyond 5 feet?

  • Is the protective system of sloping/shoring adequate? (No benching, all soil is class C)

Fall Protection

  • Is there any work being done from heights?

  • Is a PFAS required?

  • Has the PFAS equipment been inspected?

  • Is the anchorage point in good condition and designed for the work?

  • Is the body harness in good condition?

  • Are the connectors in good condition and designed for the work?

  • Are workers 100% tied off when in lifts, including scissor lifts?

  • Are guardrails installed?

  • Is the top of guardrail 42 inches +/- 3 inches?

  • Can the guardrail resist at any point 200 pounds of downward or outward force?

  • Is toe-board 3.5 inches with no more than a 1/4 inch gap?

  • Can the toe-board withstand 50 pounds of force?


  • Is there any scaffolding being used?

  • Is there proper access to the scaffold?

  • Has the scaffold been inspected by competent person?

  • Is there a green scaffolding tag indicating competent person and inspection date?

  • Are employees below protected from falling hazards?

  • Is there any scaffolding being built?

  • Is there proper access to the scaffold?

  • Is the scaffold erected on sound rigid footings?

  • Are planks sound and sturdy?

  • Are guardrails, intermediate rails, toe-boards, and screens in place?

  • Are employees below protected from falling objects?

Fire Prevention

  • Are workers equipped with adequate fire extinguishers?

  • Are the extinguishers monthly and annual inspections maintained?

  • Are the extinguishers readily available?


  • Are GFCIs in use?

  • Are the cords in good working condition? (grounding prong, no frayed wiring)

  • Is electrical work being performed?

  • Was additional electrical permit filled out?

  • Has the additional PPE been tested and/or kept in good working condition?

  • Have Is the proper PPE being worn for the task?

  • Has an electrical permit been completed?

  • Was LOTO performed?

  • Why not?

  • Is additional PPE for electrical work being worn?

  • Do high-voltage PPE have valid test dates and remain in good working condition?

Welding and Burning

  • Is there any welding, burning, or sparking work being performed?

  • Do they have a hot work permit filled out?

  • Is additional PPE being worn for the work?

  • Is a face shield in addition to eye protection being used for work operations resulting in sparks?

  • Are the proper shades being used for the welding operation?

  • Are the welding gloves in good condition?

  • Are gas cylinders stored upright and secured?

  • Are fire blankets being used to protect flammable material near hot work?

  • Are screens being used to protect eyes of those near the hot work operation?


  • Is a crane being used?

  • Was a pick plan created, reviewed, and approved by Corning?

  • Was the crane the properly set up?

  • Were barricades set up?

  • Was the restricted access zone enforced?

  • Was the pick plan followed? (operator, rigger, signalman, swing radius, rigging components, proper crane, etc.)

Floor and Wall Penetrations

  • Will the floor or wall be penetrated?

  • Was a floor and wall penetration permit filled out?

  • Have the proper individuals been notified of the opening?

  • Is perimeter protection in place for opening?

  • Are floor or deck openings planked over or barricaded?

Confine Space

  • Is there work being done in a confined space?

  • Has the survey been completed to determine if it is permit required?

  • If it is a permit required confined space, has a permit been completed?

  • Have the workers been trained in confined space entry?

  • Has the air monitor been bump tested?

  • Is the calibration date good on the air monitor?

  • Has a rescue plan been established?

  • Has adequate ventilation been provided?

  • Is there proper signage and barriers for the confined space?

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