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Parking The Vehicle:

  • Where will the Vehicle park to unload?

  • Are there any physical obstructions that would prevent the vehicle arriving/ parking here?

  • Indicate any specific times for any legal restrictions which would prevent the vehicle parking/unloading?

  • Is the distance from the vehicle to the delivery point over 25 meters? <br>If YES, how far?

  • Does parking close to the delivery point cause problems, if YES what are they?

Unloading the Vehicle

  • Does the ground conditions prevent any problems? E.g.. Outside building, car park, high street, side road?

  • Are there any slopes

  • Are members of the public in any danger during this operation?

  • Are there any permanent obstructions or restricted spaces in the area? e.g. Gates, railing, steps?

  • Are there any steps involved in this delivery? If YES, how many?

  • Are steps/stairs in good repair?

Delivery into the cellar.

  • Is the access through a public area or a side/front/rear door?

  • Are the widths of the doorways within the building wide enough to get stock through without causing damage to the stock or injury to the delivery man?

  • Are there any obstacles in the building that may cause a problem for delivery?

  • Is there a drop into the cellar, if so what depth is it?

  • is the width of the cellar entrance adequate for the delivery of the relevant stock?

  • Is the cellar surface or floor in good repair?

  • Are there any hazards in the cellar or working area? E.g. Trailing pipes/ stock/ equipment?

  • Are there any manual handling tool installed?

  • Is there adequate lighting tin the cellar?

  • Can all empties be removed safely?

  • Are there any time/ day restrictions? E.g. deliver after 9am mon-fri

  • Recommended Cornish Orchards van for delivery?

  • Once assessment has been completed it needs to be emailed to EHS Manager, Warehouse Manager and the new customer.

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