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Conduct a review of all chemicals used and stored on your worksite and verify that:

  • They are all recoreded in the ChemAlert database

  • Stock quantities are being managed by the chemical co-ordinator for red and amber chemicals

  • TRA's are developed for the work that needs to be undertaken using the chemical

  • All chemicals are durably labelled

  • They are stored in dedicated areas that are fit for purpose

  • Appropriate PPE is available for use for all people who need to handle the chemicals

Verify that placarding (dangerous goods diamond) is displayed when dangerous goods ammounts exceed placarding quantities:

  • On or adjacent to each container for bulk storage

  • At the entrance to any build which the dangerous goods are stored

  • Within a building at the entrance to each room or other closed or walled section of the building of which the dangerous goods are stored

  • Adjacent to any external storage area where the dangerous goods are stored

When dangerous goods are stored and handled at quantities that exceed manifest quantities verify that:

  • WoirkSafe have been notified

  • Manifests are stored in specifically designed emergency information boxes at designated entrances of each premise

  • An emergency response plan is developed, implemented and maintained

Verify that regular workplace inspections:

  • Include chemical storage areas

  • Involve the person with control over the chemical storage area

  • Are recorded in IRIS

Undertake chemical stocktake and ensure:

  • All chemicals rated as amaber or red in the storage area are on the chemalert stock report

  • The maximum quantities of each amber and red chemical on the ChemAlert stock report are correct and don't exceed manifest quantities

  • Any storage incompatibilities are identified and appropriately managed

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