• COSHH Risk Assessment No.


  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Chesapeake Tewkesbury

  • Product used in print

  • Product used in finishing

  • Product used by maintenance

  • Offices

  • Other

  • Is there a MDSS

  • If no data sheet please give reason

Manual handling

  • Is the container under 10 litres ( If no refer to controls)

Volume per month if known

  • Record info here

Volume per annum

  • Record info here

Exposure time if known

  • Exposure time

Exposure frequency if known

  • Exposure time

Workplace Exposure Limit

  • Workplace Exposure limit (WEL)

What are the risk phrases

  • Pick risk phrases

  • Add risk phrase if not above

What are the safety phrases

  • Pick safety phrases

  • Add safety phrase if not above

Chesapeake Tewkesbury

  • Product photo of container

  • Product name

  • Input product name if not above

  • Manufacturer and contact details

  • Add manufacturer contact details if not above

  • Product description

Job Functions Exposed

  • Print

  • Finishing

  • Offices

  • Other

What is the chemical used for

  • Cleaning of print blankets

  • Plate replenisheer

  • Protection paste for rollers

  • Cleaning damper rollers

  • Cleaning Ink from folding rollers

  • Deglazing rollers

  • Removing roller residue

  • Metering roller cleaner & general degreaser

  • Lubricating chains

  • Cleaning furniture

  • Floor cleaner

  • Other

  • If other please fill in below

Where is the chemical stored

  • External chemical store

  • Ink store flammable cupboard

  • Internal flammable cupboard

  • Internal cleaning cupboard

Identification method

  • What is the I.D of the product

  • If other, please give more info

What are the key hazards

  • Gas

  • Dust

  • Mist

  • Paste

  • Liquid

  • Spray

  • Fibre

  • Vapour

  • Identify the person at risk:

How are these controlled

  • What Controls are in place

What are the key effects

  • Harmful

  • Irritant

  • Toxic

  • Corrosive

  • Oxidising

  • Explosive

  • Flammable

  • Other

  • If Other, state the nature of the hazard type?

How are these controlled

  • What Controls are in place

What is the emergency plan for fire

  • What fire extinguisher can be used

First Aid

  • First aid info

Chemical Spill

  • Chemical spill info

Disposal of Chemical / Waste / Container

  • Is all chemical waste recycled

  • If no fill in information here

Assessment Of Risk

  • Overall assessment of risk with regard to current usage of this substance


  • Are the current controls effective

  • Does the MSDS suggest any controls that are not in place

Assessment Review

  • This assessment should be reviewed periodically or if there are any changes in the process.

  • Next review date is

Assessment Completed By

  • Assessor Signature

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