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  • SORT 1) Area /Sector /Cell / Line -There are no unnecessary workstation, machines, equipment, material, components or tools: they are identified (Id. #) and in good condition. No unnecessary WIP. Products (good - defects) are identified.

  • SORT 2) Information Flow - There are no unnecessary files / documents / information: documents and files are in good condition

  • STRAIGHTEN 3) Area / Sector / Cell / Line - "Different areas (aisles - work spaces - WIP areas ...) are defined and marked. Tools, accessories and furniture are appropriately located: easy to find, easy to place: locations are identified and arranged per layout. Stations / Toolings are identified"

  • STRAIGHTEN 4) Information Flow - "Documents and files are identified and appropriately located. Documents are set in order. Communication boards are set in order: visual, easy to understand"

  • SHINE 5) Area / Sector / Cell / Line - "The floor is clean and maintained continuously: walls, windows, ceilings, substructure... are clean and maintained periodically. Cleaning is facilitated: Appropriate cleaning tools, No cable on the floor , accessibility for cleaning ..."

  • SHINE 6) Equipment: "Desk, cupboards, equipment, tools, information Board, documents are clean and maintained continuously / periodically"

  • STANDARDIZE 7) Area / Sector / Cell / Line - "5S standards predefined by the entity are known and respected: VISUAL Work instructions / Preventive Maintenance plan are updated & respected. Visual management is in place. "

  • STANDARDIZE 8) Flow Readiness: - "Visual management (Sign and Marking) is in place to improve People/ Material / Information flows : Safety / Quality / WIP mgt. (FIFO, Pull …). Process is easy to see by a customer. 5S KPI's managed in SIM"

  • SUSTAIN 9) Area /Sector / Cell / Line - "Each employee is trained (including temporary workers) and respect rules. Daily assessments realized by operators. Monthly audits realized by management staff. Physical flow are in continuous improvement; WIP and TTP reduction plan" "

  • SUSTAIN 10) SIM Management: -"5S is managed in SIM: indicators, suggestions, action plan, encouragement … 5S Methodology is encouraged and valorized"

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