Title Page

  • Site conducted



  • Date

  • Shift


  • Location


  • Rated Capacity Plate

  • Form Arms

  • Carriage-Plate

  • Backrest Extension

  • Load Guard

  • Mast

  • Mast Rollers/ Slides

  • Lift Chains and Pulleys

  • Hydraulics

  • Hydraulic Controls

  • Wheels and Tyres

  • Check Oil

  • External Condition

  • Operating Position

  • Operators Seat

  • Seat Belt

  • Overhead Guards

  • Lights

  • Audible Warnings

  • Drive and Breaking

  • Steering

  • Starting Procedure Gas Trucks

  • Starting Procedure I.C.E Trucks

  • Starting Procedure Electric Trucks

  • Operator signature

  • Comments (please list any items that require repair or adjustment):

  • If a fault is found on the truck or its attachments during the daily checks, or if one occurs during operation, you must report it immediately to your supervisor/manager.

    Ensure appropriate signs are placed on faulty equipment to notify other users that the vehicle should not be used.

    Do not attempt repairs yourself.

    Faulty equipment should not be used until it has been restored to a safe working condition.

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