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CQC Checklist - Cleanliness and Infection Control

All Teams

  • Do staff know how to contact the Infection Prevention and Control (IP&C) team?

  • Is infection prevention and control discussed within your teams? Is there evidence in team minutes? Is IP&C a dedicated agenda item at your team meetings?

  • Does the IP&C advisor provide regular updates to your team? Do you keep any evidence of this?

  • Does the IP&C department manager keep evidence of completed audits and action plans?

  • Have all staff attended IP&C training or passed the online e-assessment?

  • Do staff know how to access IP&C policies and procedures e.g. hand hygiene policy?

  • Do staff know what to do in the event of a needle stick injury/bite/deep scratch/body fluid splash to the eye, nose or mouth?

  • Do staff know how to access the 24hr sharps helpline?

  • Are products for hand hygiene available at the point of care?

  • Is everyone bare below the elbow when delivering physical care?

  • Is a Sharps Injury poster (laminated) on display with the correct tel. number for Occupational Health?

  • Do staff know how to report concerns with cleanliness and obtain additional cleaning?

Inpatient Areas

  • Are cleaning schedules on display for your area?

  • Is there assurance that re-usable medical equipment is cleaned between each patient eg cleaning book or cleaning schedule, use of device stickers (Clinell tape)?

  • Do you have any IP&C leaflets for visitors/ service users?

  • Are staff bare below the elbows?

  • Are hand hygiene compliance scores up on display (if appropriate for your area)?

  • Are posters (laminated) reminding of how to clean hands displayed?

  • If a service user no longer requires isolation, is the isolation room ‘terminal clean checklist’ completed (and kept) by both nursing and housekeeping staff?

  • Are washing machines used for patient laundry sited in a designated area away from dirty items e.g. macerator, commodes, bedpan washer?

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