Title Page

  • Select Compliance case inspection or IDAS/CAA inspection

  • Audit Title/ CIRAM Number

  • IDAS/CAA reference

  • Inspection start

  • iAuditor account holder

  • Ciram or IDAS/CAA number

  • Location address / Lot and DP

Take 5

  • Have you text your nominated safety officer?

  • do you want to carry out a Take 5

  • answer each question

  • enter how the risk will be reduced for any hazard

Inspection details

  • Select inspection template

  • enter suspect name

  • enter informant name

  • enter witness name

  • person(s) present at the inspection

  • Are there any impacts to waterfront land?

  • Select type of activity

  • is the activity still occurring?

  • location of activity

  • Enter description of activity

  • Add observation

  • Observation
  • Upload photo

  • Provide description

  • describe eg works outside waterfront land

  • Add observation

  • Observation
  • Upload photo

  • Provide description

  • Is there a Water Meter issue?

  • select water meter issue

  • is the issue still occurring?

  • Add observation

  • Observation
  • Upload photo

  • Provide description

  • did you observe any new offences?

  • Select any new offences

  • enter description of any new offence

  • Add observation

  • Observation
  • Upload photo

  • Provide description

  • select conditions to be inspected

  • add observation/inspection element
  • add photo

  • provide description

Observations/ notes/ points of interest and referrals

  • do you need to make any referral to another authority or agency?

  • Select relevant authority/agency and add an Action and assign

  • add any further details for referral

  • Add observation

  • Observation
  • Upload photo

  • Provide description

Activity details

Follow-up required?

    add detail(s) of follow-up
  • upload photo

  • provide description of photo

Are there any other Observations/notes/points of interest you want to record?

    add detail(s)
  • upload photo

  • provide description of photo

Interviews and statements

  • Do you need to conduct a voluntary interview?

  • Select person(s) for interview and proceed to voluntary field interview section

  • select a time, date and location of interview if not now during the inspection

  • add any Contemporaneous notes

Voluntary Field Interview

  • do you need to carry out a voluntary interview?

  • interview proforma
  • Voluntary Field Interview Guide 1. prior to start of interview (recorder off) Allegation: i am making inquiries in relation to a report we received that - HINT include location, action, date eg there have been some works on waterfront land eg building, digging or depositing, or activities that affect water quantity/flows I would like to offer you the opportunity to tell us about what happened in an interview. We electronically record our interviews to ensure an accurate record is made of what is said, it protects you as well as us and you will get a copy of the interview for your records. I will supply you with a copy of the interview on a CD as soon as practicable.

  • Do you agree to have an interview electronically recorded? *if no then you need to ask if you can take notes, and let them know this will take much longer to complete)

  • 1. Turn on voice/phone recorder now and continue with questions below - or turn on recorder on PHONE or VOICE RECORDER and come back to questions 2. OPENING PREAMBLE AND QUESTIONS * this is an electronically recorded interview between (state your name) of the Crown Lands and Water Division of the NSW Department of Industry and (state the interviewee's name). * this interview is being conducted at (location) * today's date is (date) * Also present is (2nd officer) from the NSW Dept of Primary Industries Water and (all other persons) * for the purpose of voice identification could everyone please state their full name and spell their surname (start with yourself) * Do you agree that there are no other persons present? * do you agree the time is now (state time - Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Standard Daylight Savings Time) Allegation: I am making inquiries in relation to (activity - location - date)..... Do you understand what my questions will be in relation to? - if 'NO" then repeat the allegation. CAUTION: I am going to ask you further questions about this matter - You are not obliged to say or do anything. Anything you say or do will be recorded and may be used in evidence. Do you understand that? * Do you agree that prior to the commencement of this interview i told you that i was going to ask you some questions in relation to this matter? * Do you agree that you gave consent to the interview being electronically recorded? * Do you agree that i also told you that at the conclusion of the interview you would be given a copy of the interview at the first practicable opportunity?

  • 3. Personal particulars: 1. what is your full name and date of birth? 2. What is your residential address and postal address? 3. What are your landline and mobile phone numbers? 4. What is your current occupation? 5. Who are you employed by? 6. What is your drivers licence number? * list questions for each element

  • 4. As i explained earlier, i am making inquiries in relation to ... (allegation) What can you tell me about that?

  • 5. Clarification Questions: At this point you can ask what ever clarification questions you require to establish the facts of the incident, remembering to include questions which will establish the elements of any offence; *Clarify - who was involved, who was in charge, who made the decisions - what was done - when were things done, when were decisions made - where was the activity conducted (if you use maps, get them signed and dated by the interviewee) - How was the activity conducted, how was the decision made - did they ask anyone about it (Office of Water, State Water etc) - Why was the activity conducted, was there a benefit and who made the benefit

  • 6. Ask the corroborator if they have any questions?

  • 7. Conclusion Is there anything else you would like to tell me about this matter? Have the answers you have given today been of your own free will? Has any threat, promise or inducement been held out to you to give the answers you have given? Are the answers you have given in the interview today the truth? Do you have any comment about how this interview was conducted? Do you agree the time is now_______ Eastern standard time OR Daylight savings time? The interview is now concluded.

  • Inspection completed

The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture's solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of a template is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction. You should independently determine whether the template is suitable for your circumstances.